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Ready for the final challenge?  Now, by this point, you should have completed every regular Oklahoma learners permit practice test on the website and scored no less than 90% on each one of them!  If you have not gone through those sample exams yet, do so now and return to the Simulator once you are done. Buckle down and make sure you have at least 25-30 minutes to spare, the practice quiz may take a while! Here we go, the ultimate drivers permit practice test,  free Oklahoma permit test Simulator 2019!

We probably shouldn't waste any time on explaining how the simulator works, since everyone who's taken regular practice permit quizzes on the website is already familiar with the format, but let's do a quick overview of all features for the benefit of those who are just starting off on the road to the Oklahoma learners permit.  The drivers permit test simulator is tailored to the real thing and it consists of 50 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  Don't let this number fool you, 50 questions is just the tip of the iceberg!  These 50 questions are selected randomly from our huge knowledge base that lists over 500 permit test questions and answers every time you begin the exam.  What does this means to you?  A completely new unique Oklahoma practice permit test any time you choose to visit this page! With such an impressive set of question, the chances of you getting the same test twice are close to nil!

There is one question that worries many first-time permit applicants: "what are the most important things to study for the Oklahoma permit test?".  Sadly, there is no simple answer to this question.  There is no single topic you could study that would give you an overwhelming advantage during the driving permit test, a large 50 question format really allows the Oklahoma DMV to fit a huge variety of driving rules into the exam.  The good news is that there are certain topics that are guaranteed to come up during the DMV permit test, topics like parking on hills, speed limits, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, seat belt laws, restrictions for underage drivers, tickets and road signs.  We know, it's quite a wide range, but this is what this Oklahoma permit test simulator is for, to help you cover absolutely everything there is to know about the learners permit test and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible!  This one's on us!

Quick advise to teen drivers: do drivers ed and make sure to complete the whole classroom portion before you chance a visit to the DPS.   Drivers ed classes contain a wealth of information, they really teach you everything you need for the permit exam and they may include a bunch of practice permit tests to compliment course materials.  If your school doesn't offer a class, you can take an Oklahoma drivers education class online, there are many different sites that offer parent taught programs you could do without ever leaving the house (well, you would have to leave the house for the driving portion, but as far as the classroom portion is concerned, it can be done from behind that computer screen).  Online drivers ed classes are cheaper too, you can usually find one for $50-100.

Back to the free study aids.  We could not leave you to the practice permit test without mentioning the drivers manual at least once.  Hold on, don't close the page just yet!  We know you hate the Oklahoma drivers manual and that you will do everything to avoid reading it.  We share that feeling with you and we believe the DPS could have put a better effort into the book!  But the truth is, the manual is one of the best free Oklahoma permit test study guides you will ever find!  The entire permit test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the book!  And once you combine reading the book with taking these free Oklahoma practice permit test, this is where magic happens!  Do yourself a favor, read the book at least once, even if you just skim through it, even if you read it for 10 minutes before you go to sleep, read it!