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This BMV practice permit test on road signs consists of multiple choice questions that cover road signs and nothing but Ohio road signs.  Every question of the exam presents you with three of four answers, but only one of the answers is correct.  Avoid the urge to choose the first answer that just seems right, before reading the rest of them, this mistake has tripped more than one student during the real Ohio permit test.  Make sure you read and fully understand all of the provided answers before making your choice, as once you pick an answer, you cannot change it.  You will know whether you have answered a question correctly right away and if you have not, this free temps practice test will show you what the right answer is.  Don't worry about writing them down at this point, you do not need to do that.  Once you are done with the whole Ohio BMV practice test, your result page will provide you with a chance to review all of the questions you have missed (we hope to see that page virtually empty, with a 100% grade printed in a middle of it). 

Here is something that is different from the regular practice permit test you might have taken previously - this BMV  practice temps test on road signs presents new random questions every time you take it! That's right, it custom-designs an Ohio practice temps permit test just for you when you log into this page, providing you with limitless opportunities to study road signs in a fun and exciting way (yes, we know that some of you don't associate studying with fun, but we hope we'll be able to change that pretty quickly).

Want to make a game out of this free Ohio temps practice test? Nothing could be easier!  Simply share your grades on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to do just as well or better!  See which one of you knows Ohio road signs the best!  Challenging adult drivers may be even more exciting, you will be surprised how many people forget things they've learned in the drivers education class the minute they receive that drivers license!

With new random permit test questions every time, some students have trouble figuring out when it is time to stop studying road signs and continue to the next Ohio temps practice test.  There is a simple approach anyone could use to judge his or her current progress, your grades are a great indicator that doesn't lie.  Struggling to score above 80%?  More work is needed!  You may consider switching to regular BMV practice tests for a while and come back to this quiz with more experience behind your belt. If your grades fall between 80% and 90%, you are on the right road, continue studying and practicing to improve your score even more!  Answered more than 18 temps test questions every time you took the exam?  Kudos, you're awesome, the chances of you passing the real Ohio temps permit test are extremely high, move on to the next practice test you see on the screen!

Thanks for using this free Ohio BMV practice permit test on 2019 road signs and good luck at the office!