Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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The most anticipated practice test yet... We present you with the first 2019 North Carolina road sign practice test! Brimming, absolutely loaded with tonnes of great pictures of road signs, this DMV practice test is what really matters when it comes to answering road sign questions during your North Carolina permit test! We went ahead and selected all road signs that will be on your real exam and have put them together in this pretty practice test that can be taken in the matter of minutes!  Seriously, five minutes is all it takes to complete the test!  Spend five minutes on taking the practice test now or hours in DMV queues!

Like all other sample exams on our website, this NC road sign practice test is completely free and state-specific (yes, the test is good for Charlotte, yes, it is good for Greensboro, it is good all across the Old North State).  All of our permit test questions have been checked against the official North Carolina drivers handbook and were found to be... amazing! Yes, simply amazing, and you get them all for free!  The North Carolina practice permit test on road signs includes all traffic signs worth remembering: stop, yield, divided highway, merging traffic from the right, advanced intersection, lane use control signs... We're sure you know the gist.  All you need to do now is take the practice test, then visit the DMV and pick up your permit!

One of the best things about this NC DMV practice test is its simplicity and the fact that you can complete it in less than 5 minutes.  We are not saying that you have to rush through the exam and if you are willing to take more time - go ahead and do so, but most students do complete the practice test in 5 minutes or less!  This means you can say goodbye to lengthy protracted study sessions that take hours and leave you feeling like a squeezed sponge - prepare for your North Carolina DMV permit test in the matter of minutes!  Whenever you have 5 minutes to spare - sign into the website and complete this practice permit test!  Finished ahead of time?  Do another one, we've have prepared quite a variety of sample exams loaded with real  NC DMV test questions.  You can finally forget about worrying about how many questions are on the permit test in NC because you will cover them all!

How long should you spend working on this practice permit test before you move on?  This is totally up to you, but we recommend that you keep working on the test until you are able to nail no less than 18 questions every time you do the practice test.  This helps to ensure that you don't miss much and will be ready for the DMV challenge when the time comes.  Once you reach this benchmark, go ahead and start working on the next North Carolina road sign practice test in the line up.  The last road sign test you see on the screen will be a little different, as it will present an ever-changing line-up of questions every time, so don't rush with taking it until you are done with every regular NC DMV practice test here.