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Won't settle for anything less than the real thing?  We are 100% behind you, with our online North Carolina permit test simulator 2019!  Hundreds of NC DMV test questions in answers free of charge, gathered in a single permit practice test that has the same format and grading system the real test does!  This DMV permit practice test NC quiz features 25 questions on road rules and traffic signs every time you take the quiz! No time restrictions and no way to fail, you can take the DMV practice test until you are absolutely happy with your grade!

This free NC DMV permit test simulator was designed to prepare you for the experience of the DMV visit as a whole.  This means not only learning the rules you will need to pass the test successfully, but getting used to the format of the test itself.  Our NC DMV permit practice test consists of 25 questions, every question having four possible answers.  You cannot skip questions and return to them later, you must answer a question before you can continue on with the test.  The permit test simulator will grade your progress on the go, you will see if you answered a questions correctly immediately and, if you didn't, the right answer will be highlighted for you.  Answering twenty questions correctly is a pass, but we recommend that you keep working on the exam until you can score 90% and above, you really want to have a safety cushion for the real DMV exam.  Remember that the NC permit test simulator does not have to be used exclusively to judge your current level of preparation, it can serve as a great free permit test study tool, make sure to use it to its full potential.

North Carolina DMV test questions on this practice permit test are based on the drivers manual and you are highly recommended to read the book before you start taking any practice tests.  If you are using the simulator to study the rules, keep the book by your hand as you go through study questions and research any complicated question with the help of the book.  The driver's manual is rightfully called "the permit test book" in many states, don't dismiss this great study guide. 

Just like the real North Carolina DMV permit test, the permit practice test covers a great score of driving rules and road signs.  Questions about the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, fines and penalties, traffic signals, seat belt laws, teen driving restrictions, signalling, turning, parking and using your vehicle's equipment the right way - if the real test covers the topic, so does our DMV practice permit test for NC.  All questions on the test are being constantly reviewed and updated to make sure they reflect any changes to driving laws that take place and stay up to the standards of the 2019 North Carolina DMV permit test.

If you miss the study aids you might have gotten used to while working on other free NC practice permit tests we have on the website, simply switch to the North Carolina DMV cheat sheet.  The cheat sheet has the same format this test does, it works exactly the same but it does allow you access to our study aids. 

We hope you enjoy our North Carolina DMV permit test simulator (NC) 2019 and wish you all the best at the DMV office!