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This free NJ DMV practice test on road sign works in a slightly different way from the regular practice quizzes you have taken before.  While all of our practice permit tests sport such great features as multiple choice questions, immediate grading and the ability to review your completed sample knowledge exams, the way the system chooses sample questions to build these exams for you can vary greatly.  Unlike regular practice permit tests, this online New Jersey MVC practice test on road signs does not have a predefined set of questions it will display every time.  Instead, this road sign quiz randomly chooses twenty questions from our knowledge base and builds a custom quiz for you every time you sign into the test page (keep this in mind and stay away from the "refresh" button in your browser, refreshing the page will bring you a new practice quiz and you will lose all of your current progress). This provides you with a great opportunity to study all of the important road signs and ensures that you don't get bored with doing to same set of sample questions over and over again.  Being engaged means paying attention and paying attentions means you will learn faster.  After all, isn't that your ultimate goal?

Some students believe that being able to identify NJ road signs on sight is all that is required of them.  This could not be further from the truth.  Knowing what a stop sign looks like won't get you through the NJ DMV written test.  Safe driving requires you to possess a number of additional skills, such as being able to identify road signs by shape and by color, knowing what group of traffic signs this particular sign belongs to and being able to assign priorities to traffic signs based on this information.  Have no doubt, you will be tested on this skill while taking the New Jersey MVC signs test 2019 and this practice test will help you prepare for that experience as quickly and efficiently as possible!

One question that worries many first-time drivers license applicants is how do you know that you are ready for the knowledge test?  The answer is very simple - the grades you receive on this New Jersey DMV practice test will show you whether you are ready to hit the office or if you need to hit the books and study a little longer.   Here is a simple approach you could use.  Take this New Jersey DMV practice test twice and note your grades.  If you were able to answer at least 18 sample permit test questions correctly every time - you are doing great and you can definitely schedule an appointment with the DMV to take the real knowledge test (provided your grades on road rules practice tests are just as awesome).  Answered 16-17 questions correctly?  That is not bad either, but shows that you may want to work on traffic signs a bit more.  Anything less than 16 correct answers shows that you need to switch to regular New Jersey DMV practice tests on road signs and work on those before you return to this ultimate quiz.

Want even more study resources?  Easy!  Just download a copy of the state drivers manual, it really is the best NJ road sign study sheet out there and it certainly deserves its name as the New Jersey permit test study guide!  The entire DMV permit test is based on the information in that book, you can really pass the test by reading the manual and taking these free practice permit tests!

Enjoy this free New Jersey road signs DMV practice test (NJ) 2019 and good luck at the local office!