Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here is to the ones who got through every other practice permit test for NJ we have on the website and ended up here, ready for the final challenge - the 2019 New Jersey permit test simulator! We hope that the journey has fully prepared you for the trial and you are prepared to shame the clerks at the DMV office when you show up to take the real permit test! The only reason why this free NJ DMV permit test simulator exists is so you can be awesome and nail the permit test the first time you take it!  Make us proud!

Of course, we understand that not everyone has gone through other permit practice tests before they start working on the permit test simulator and that's fine too - you can definitely use this practice permit test to gauge your current skill level and to see if there are any problematic areas you need to concentrate on.  That is totally fine and dandy.  However, if you see that you are not doing that well on this NJ permit test simulator, we recommend that you tone it down a little and switch to one of the regular practice permit tests.  Trust us, it will work better this way, since all New Jersey practice permit tests on the site were designed to be progressively harder, to allow you to work your way up from easy permit test questions to more complex driving rules and regulations.  Don't worry about the process taking up too much of your time, you only need 10-15 minutes a day to cover everything and to arrive at your permit test in style!

Those who took other DMV permit practice tests on the site might have already noticed what makes the simulator so different from other practice quizzes on the site.  The absence of any study aids!  While any other NJ DMV practice test on the site will offer you helpful hints and other assistance with complicated questions, this free New Jersey permit test simulator will have none of that!  The goal is to provide you with real life experience, to recreate the environment of the real permit test.  Right now, we can't really send a DMV clerk to look over your shoulder while you are taking the exam, but we are working on that too, it's among our "coming soon" features. 

All jokes aside, we do want this online NJ DMV test simulator to be as close to the real thing as possible and that means no cheating during the test.  If you prefer a practice quiz that includes study aids, make sure to check out our New Jersey DMV Cheat Sheet, it's structured just like this permit test simulator, but allows the usage of study aids and the drivers permit handbook. 

You think there would be a page on this site where we didn't mention the drivers manual.  WRONG!  We believe that when it comes to studying for the NJ permit test, there are two things you cannot afford to miss: our New Jersey practice permit tests and the drivers handbook.  All of the New Jersey permit test questions are based on the book, it has the answers you need and you should read it at least once before you visit your local DMV office.  Yes, practice permit tests are great, yes, they are much more fun and yes, you should use them too, but try to go over the book anyway, just skim over it if you don't have time to read it.  Trust us, it does work!

Enjoy our New Jersey permit test simulator 2019 and remember, if you find it too hard, we have plenty of other free practice permit tests you can start with!  Once you are happy with your grades on those DMV practice quizzes, you can return to the Simulator and be awesome!  Good luck at the DMV!