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While procrastination may seem like a complex unbeatable matter - it really isn't and if you find the reasons why you choose to procrastinate, you can easily eliminate them and start studying for the exam (starting with taking this Nevada DMV practice test right now!).  Most of the reasons why student keep delaying the moment they start studying for the Nevada permit test are well known and they are frequently voiced as excuses not to study.  "I don't have much time", "the drivers handbook is just too lengthy" and "I am well prepared as I am now, I watched my parents drive my entire life" are the ones that can top the list of rationalizations students usually come up with before they go into the DMV office, trying to wing the exam.  The problem is, the DMV doesn't care about your excuses and you will fail the drivers permit test if you don't study!  Current failure rates speak for themselves - more than 50% of first-time applicants fail the DMV written test the first time they take it, and this actually includes people who did study, you can only imagine what the situation is like among those who went in without taking a single free drivers permit practice test (our guess would be that 9/10 people who don't study fail, but this is just a guess).   Let's go over these excuses in more details and see how this online Nevada DMV permit practice test can help you beat them!

I don't have time to study - the most common justification anyone can use.  It's common because it's partially true - our lives today are extremely busy and adding another exam to study for to your schedule is not something we fancy, especially if it requires us to spend hours in front of the computer.  But here is the thing - studying for the Nevada permit test doesn't take that long and you certainly don't have to be stuck in front of the computer during this time!  Take this 2020 Nevada DMV practice test as an example - it takes under 5 minutes to complete and can be taken on any device so you can take it with you anywhere you go!  This kind of mobility allows you to fit small intense study sessions in between your regular tasks, when you are not doing anything else!  On the bus to school, on the way home, even as you're waiting for the Super Bowl game to start - just log into the website and complete one permit practice test!  These sessions will add up over time and you will arrive to the DMV office fully prepared for the experience if you start early!

Here is another one - "the drivers handbook has too much stuff too learn". Of course it does, it covers all of the important driving rules, traffic laws, penalties and fines, road signs - pretty much everything!  But who said that you need to memorize the entire Nevada drivers handbook 2020 by heart?  You'd be wasting your time if you did that!  The book was meant as an overview and it will do you a world of good if you take the time to read it once, but don't try to learn everything there, let this online Nevada DMV permit practice test help you learn what's important and what's not!  The book just shows you the big picture, while DMV practice tests were designed to help you concentrate on what really matters and learn quickly and efficiently!  And don't tell us that practice tests are too much for you - this practice permit test has only 20 Nevada DMV written test questions, anyone can do that! 

Read the book, enjoy your free Nevada DMV permit practice test 2020 and good luck at the office!  Don't hesitate to comment if you have any questions about the sample quiz or your DMV exam!