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Procrastination - one of your worst enemies when it come to preparing for the Nevada permit test.  Fortunately, you have already made the most important decision - you are here and you are ready to hit your first free Nevada practice permit test!  Our job is to make your first experience pleasant, engaging and enjoyable and let us tell you, we are great at that!  We are proud to present you with your first DMV practice quiz that covers only current permit test questions, a free Nevada practice permit test 2019!

Can you guess what is the most common mistakes made by those applying for their first Nevada drivers license?  Well, sure, you know this one, it's not investing any time into preparing for the learners permit test and trying to wing it.  How about the second most common mistake?  It's bound to surprise you!  Ready?  The second most common mistake is opting in for a practice permit test that advertises hundreds of Nevada permit test questions and answers.  "Learn to walk before you run".  This saying could not be more true.  Just imagine yourself, with no prior experience, with no knowledge of driving rules and road signs, taking a practice permit test like that.  Would you do well?  Very unlikely.  You are bound to miss quite a few questions on the practice quiz. You may be thinking "that's all right, I'll just memorize these answers and do better next time!" and that's where you're wrong again! Unless you have eidetic memory (and most of us regular people don't), you simply won't be able to remember so many questions when they are thrown at you all at once and you will do just as bad next time you take the practice quiz.  Sure, your score may improve in tiny increments, but it will definitely be a very discouraging experience! In fact, some students are so demoralized by the results that they stop studying, they don't take any other Nevada practice permit tests and they place the whole idea of obtaining a drivers license on hold.  

Fortunately, we've got the recipe for avoid such pitfalls.  Beginning your way towards a learners permit with small, simple Nevada permit practice tests that get progressively larger and harder as you learn the rules and gain experience - that's the answer!  This is why the first free practice permit test of the sequence has only 20 simple questions that will kick start your study session without leaving you with a feeling of being overwhelmed!  Don't worry, we DO have a Nevada state practice permit test with hundreds of different questions too and you will get there very soon, but for now, please concentrate on the task at hand and that is passing your first practice permit test for beginners!

This 2019 Nevada permit practice test is extremely easy to use and we don't believe you will have any issues, but let us give you a quick run down of the system.  The learners permit practice test features 20 questions, all of them being multiple choice.  Every question presents you with four possible answers.  Keep in mind that only one of those answers is correct, even though it may seem otherwise at times.  Always go for the answer you believe fits best.  The practice quiz offers immediate feedback and you will know whether you answered the question correctly right away.  But wait, it does get better!  Showing you the right answer for those questions you have happened to miss is not the only thing we do!  We will also display a detailed justification for that questions, with more information on the driving rule or road sign that are being discussed.  Make sure you don't skimp on reading these explanations as they provide incredible value and can save hours of time you could otherwise spend on reading the drivers handbook! 

By the way, while we are on the topic, let us warn you against another common mistake - not reading the official 2019 Nevada DMV handbook.  Did you know that the second name for the booklet is the "Nevada permit test book"?  And there is a good reason for that too! The DMV handbook contains all permit test questions and answers to them, there is really no reason not to read the manual!  Sure, practice permit tests are great, they are an amazing source of information, but why would you not use every permit test study guide available to you? Do yourself a favor and at least skim through the manual before you start working on this free Nevada practice permit test!