Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Let us guess - you were thinking of spending all of the time available to you studying road rules and ended up doing this Nebraska learners permit practice test just to prove to yourself that you were correct in ignoring the signs.  Well, you're in for a surprise!  While road signs questions may be easy to learn, they still require you to spend time doing so, despite what you might have heard about them.  Permit test questions that cover road signs are not "common knowledge", they go far beyond that and the DMV requires you to demonstrate that you are comfortable with recognizing signs by their shape, color, be able to place signs into different groups and prioritize between them based on these groupings. If you have not mastered these skills yet - you better get to it and do so before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer!  This free Nebraska road signs DMV practice test will help you find out just how well you know your signs and immediately show you your weak spots!

Due to the fact that this 2019 DMV learners permit practice test is primarily a self-evaluation tool and not a regular study aid, it has a number of constraints you need to be aware of.  For starters, it does not have any integrated study aids, like you would expect of a regular learners permit practice test.  You must rely only on what you have learned this far and refrain from using the drivers manual or any road sign study sheets while working on these permit test questions, or your results will have a very low degree of accuracy. Remember, you are taking this Nebraska DMV permit practice test to gauge your current skills, so there is no point in trying to cheat in any way!

While the exam resembles a regular learners permit practice test visually, these looks are deceiving and there are key differences that place this DMV practice test into a completely separate league of permit test study tools.  The way questions are organized is a great example of one of such differences. A regular 2019 Nebraska road signs practice test will present you with 20 multiple choice questions and these questions will remain the same no matter how many times you take the test, allowing you to really nail each and every one of them before you continue on to the next exam.  This self-assessment drivers practice test is different.  While the number of questions appears to be the same, you won't get the same set of questions if you take the test twice.  Unlike a regular exam, your self-evaluation tool does not work with a predefined set of permit test questions, they are chosen randomly from a large pool every time you begin the test.  This helps you avoid any bias, ensuring that your grades are accurate and it keeps you entertained and engaged at the same time - having to do the same quiz over and over again may be somewhat of a bore to some. 

A word about interpreting results for this online Nebraska DMV road signs practice test.  We believe that you should settle for nothing less than the perfect score when it comes to road signs.  The reason for this is because it's a great opportunity for you to score some easy points on the real learners permit test!  Road signs are easy to learn and up to a third of your DMV written test can be dedicated to questions that cover road signs, why not use this chance to shift the odds in your favor? Five extra minutes spent working on this free Nebraska learners permit practice test 2019 can easily mean the difference between passing and failing, make the most of the time available to you!