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Ready for the final challenge?  You better be, you are about to hit the most comprehensive and exhaustive practice permit tests out there!  With over 500 questions and answers for the 2019 Nebraska learners permit test, everyone is bound to find something new!  We highly recommend that you make this practice quiz the pinnacle of your learning process and go through every regular driving practice test on the website before you start working on the Simulator.  Been there, done that?  Then  let us welcome you to the ultimate test - the 2019 Nebraska learners permit test practice Simulator!

We have distilled every good thing about permit practice tests and have incorporated them into this Simulator to provide you with the best learning experience possible.  Just like on the real DMV exam, all questions in this practice permit test are multiple choice.  All questions will provide you with three or four answers, but only one of those answers will be correct (of course, if more than one answer fits, we will always include an option to reflect that).  Our Nebraska practice permit test grades the exam on the fly, we believe that nothing beats this kind of immediate feedback!  As soon as you make a mistake, we alert you to the fact and provide you with an opportunity to learn the right answer right there on the spot!  We see little to no value in practice tests that make you wait until the end of the exam just to show you your grade and the answers you have missed, it just doesn't make any sense! Immediate feedback is the only way to go!

What really makes this free Nebraska permit practice test amazing is the knowledge base with over 500 sample questions on road rules and road signs.  Driving through intersections, speed limits, seat belt laws;  turning, passing and stopping; parking on hills and in the city, signaling to other drivers, sharing the road with bicycles, motorcycles and emergency vehicles; traffic control devices and countless road signs with amazing images - this online practice test contains permit test questions to cover any topic that may possibly come up during your visit to the DMV!   The practice quiz chooses random questions from the knowledge base every time you begin the exam, leaving you with a unique test each and every time!  Just image the possibilities, it is just like having hundreds of sample quizzes at your disposal!

If you find the Simulator a bit overwhelming the first time - don't stress and don't stop studying!  You can switch to one of the regular practice permit tests or use the Nebraska DMV cheat sheet, which is highly similar to the Simulator, yet offers a number of study aids you can use while working on these permit test questions.  Picking up a copy of the Nebraska learners permit book is another way to go - all of our questions are based on the official drivers manual and you will be able to find answers to the real permit test in the book too.  Despite looking a bit outdated and (yes, we are going to say that) dull, the book is truly an invaluable resource to anyone who is about to attempt the DMV permit test in Nebraska.  It's free too, so there is absolutely no reason not to use it!  

Remember, passing the learners permit test doesn't have to be difficult, all you need is a little time to prepare and the right study tools, like this free Nebraska permit test practice Simulator 2019!  Good luck, we hope you will enjoy your DMV experience!