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This topical Missouri practice permit test consists of 20 questions on Missouri road signs that commonly appear on the real drivers permit test.  Every question has four answers, only one of those answers is correct.   The road sign practice test is graded as you go along and you don't have to finish the entire test to see the questions you've missed - whenever you make a mistake, the road sign quiz will alert you to the error by marking your answer in red and displaying the right answer for you.  The practice permit test will also provide a detailed explanation for every question you miss so you don't have to spend time on researching this sign in the drivers handbook.  Keep in mind that this Missouri road signs test is not timed and you can take as long as you need considering your choices and reading the commentary.   

Can't decide whether it is time for you to move on to the next practice exam?   Just check out your final score at the end of the Missouri permit practice test! The real DMV written test at the Department of Revenue requires that you obtain a grade of no less than 80%, but you really want to climb a little higher while working on the sample exam.  A score of 90% on every permit practice test you take online (including this MO road signs practice test) is recommended, overachievers may consider studying until absolutely every question is covered.  It doesn't take that long and you will start seeing improvements almost immediately - just don't rush, take your time and focus on the task at hand!

If you are shopping for some road sign study sheets to go along with this free Missouri road signs drivers practice test, start with the official drivers license guide.  The book contains a section on road signs and it is organized in the form of printable study sheets.  Just download a pdf file with the 2020 MO permit book to your computer, print out all of the corresponding pages and keep them by your side as you are working on the sample exam.  You may even consider posting these pages on your wall so they are in front of your eyes even when you are not studying.  This kind of constant visual reminder does a great job at helping you memorize things faster and retain it for a longer period of time!  Double check that you have printed out the pages with road sign shapes and colors, questions that require you to identify Missouri traffic signs by their textual description are extremely common on the knowledge test and these skills are crucial to pass the exam.  The skill of identifying signs by shape and color will also come in handy once you actually start driving as they will help you recognize signs from further distance, when your vision is limited by god or heavy snow, or when you are driving at night. Our free Missouri road sign permit practice test has a few questions that cover this art, so take this opportunity to learn the difference between regulatory, warning and guide signs, how they look and what priorities these signs have.

Once you complete this Missouri road sign practice permit test (MO) 2020, check out other sample quizzes we have prepared for you!  We've got over 100 sample permit test questions on traffic signs waiting for you and new ones are constantly being added to the knowledge base!