Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Landed on this drivers permit practice test and still can't tell a stop sign from a yield sign?  Go to the very roots and start working on practice permit tests for beginners!  This online Missouri practice permit test simulator 2020 is for those who don't shy away from the challenge, those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty!  Hundreds of Missouri permit test questions fit into a single practice permit quiz!  Same format as the real test!  New questions every time you take the exam!  FREE!  It really doesn't get any better than this!

Now we know that you have already read the Missouri permit test book at least once, but we just wanted to check this one more time.  Have you?  If you have not, stop everything else, click on the link at the top of the page and read it!   Seriously, no kidding!  Your friends might have told you that you don't have to read the manual, but how many of your friends failed the knowledge exam the first time they took it?  Our guess would be - quite a few.  We know that reading the permit test book is not the most exciting thing in the world and you would rather be working on this free practice permit test for Missouri right now, but you should really be doing both of these things and investing half an hour towards reading the booklet will save you hours of time further down the road.  Practice permit tests are great at highlighting problematic areas and allowing you to concentrate on specific topics, but when you need a complete overview of Missouri driving rules, nothing comes even close to the handbook!  Just skim over it, then come back and continue taking the exam, it is not going anywhere and will be waiting for you when you get back!

The permit test simulator is a massive MO permit practice test that was designed to mimic the real knowledge exam you will go through at our local DOR office.  It has 25 questions (just like the real thing), you need to answer at least 20 of them to pass (just like the real thing) and there are hundreds of different questions on road rules and road signs to choose from (yes, just like the real thing!).  Permit test questions are chosen randomly from a large knowledge base every time you begin the exam, it's just like having hundreds of unique permit practice tests all gathered at a single page!  Want a new practice quiz?  Refresh the page and BAM! You got it! It is really that simple!

Many first time applicants stress over the knowledge exam too much.  "What do I study for the permit test?"  "How do I know I will get the same questions on my DMV exam?" "How many practice tests do I take before I know I am ready for the real thing?"    We want to stop you right there!  There is no point in stressing over the exam, studying with the help of the permit test book and free Missouri practice permit test pretty much guarantees that you pass the DOR test.  No, we are not saying that those who opened the book once and took a single practice exam will definitely pass, but those who spend 10-15 minutes a day preparing for the exam using all the tools available to them most certainly will!

All right, stop wasting your time reading this and start getting ready for the permit test!  Remember, this Missouri practice permit test 2020 is not your only tool, take as many different practice exams as you can to make sure you cover everything!  Good luck!