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This may come as a surprise to you, but road signs is the most important topic on the 2019 Mississippi permit test!  It is also the most ignored one, with many students choosing in favor of dedicating all of their study time to learning the rules, overlooking the need to study traffic signs and not taking a single MS practice permit test on signs before attempting the real exam.  This is one of the worst judgement calls, as Mississippi road signs can make up to a third of all questions on the drivers permit test, a clear signal from the DMV on the importance of learning the signs.  Why do people choose to ignore this signal?  We believe that most people choose to ignore the signs because they perceive them as something easy, something they already know and so they spend all of the available time on studying "the hard stuff", such as alcohol laws or speed limits.  You need to realize one thing right now - those "hard rules" will only contribute a question or two to your entire exam, while questions on road signs will pretty much determine whether you''ll pass or fail the test!  Don't make the mistake of ignoring traffic signs, find out if you are ready for the DMV challenge with this free Mississippi permit practice test on road signs!

Those who have already gone through a few practice permit tests on the website might have noticed that this quiz retains most of the great features you've come to love!  Our Mississippi practice permit test provides you with immediate feedback to your answers, the correct answer is always displayed next to the one you choose and the exam is provided in the form of an easy-to-take 20 question quiz.  The difference between a regular road signs practice test and this self-evaluation exam lies in how drivers permit test questions are chosen for your exam.  A regular test works with a predefined set of questions that don't change no matter how many times you take the exam.  The order of questions may be shuffled or rotated to keep things interesting, but they will still be the same questions.   This Mississippi road signs permit practice test uses an entirely different approach.  The quiz has a question bank of over 100 sample questions on Mississippi road signs and it chooses 20 random questions from the bank every time you begin the test.  The process is repeated whenever the is refreshed, so you have a unique MS practice permit test to work on.  This eliminates any bias during the test and helps you identify any questions you might have been avoiding while working on regular practice tests.

We usually recommend that you continue working on a practice permit test until you are able to answer 90% of sample questions correctly, but we believe you should exercise a different approach with this sample quiz.  Due to the extreme importance of road signs, we suggest that you keep on practicing until you reach perfection and can answer any question in the knowledge base.  While this may seem like an overkill for some, every moment you invest into studying this free Mississippi practice permit test (MS) 2019 will be repaid at the DMV when you pass the test with flying colors on your first visit!  Good luck and don't forget to share the exam with friends who may be taking the permit test soon!