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If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!  Our free Mississippi practice permit test Simulator is guaranteed to leave a trace in your life!  The ultimate challenge for anyone getting ready to hit the DMV office and apply for a learners permit!  A knowledge base of over 500 sample permit test questions on road rules and road signs! A reverse-engineered practice permit test that follows the same format the real DMV exam does!  Stop reading, drop everything else you are doing and start cracking at those permit test questions!

Now, we assume that you have completed every other online Mississippi permit practice test on the website before you got here.  If you haven't, stop working on the permit test simulator and go through every regular practice exam first.  Believe us, starting with the MS permit test simulator is a waste of time, you will end up missing half of the question and it won't do your self-image any good.

A quick run down of how this 2020 permit practice test for Mississippi works.  It's quite simple, actually.  Just like the real drivers permit test, the Simulator features 30 multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules.  Signalling, sharing the road with other drivers, fines and penalties, school buses, speed limits, seat belt laws, drug and alcohol awareness, you name it!  The learners permit practice test is interactive, you are being graded immediately after answering a question and you are always shown the right answer alongside so you can actually learn something from the experience.  The practice permit test is not timed and you can take as long as you need to answer all questions, but try to fit into half an hour, anything more than that and you are really pushing your luck during the real DMV visit.

Now for the perks.  The knowledge base used by this free Mississippi practice permit test is huge.  To this day, we have collected over 500 sample questions and we constantly keep adding new ones. Some of the questions were developed by us, some came from the real MS permit test, some have been suggested by other users just like yourself.  The fact is that with such a large number of practice questions, there is no way you will ever get bored of taking the same quiz over and over again.  Sample permit test questions are randomly selected every time you begin the exam.  Yes, this means a completely unique Mississippi learners permit practice test every time.  Sure, you may encounter the same question once or twice as you keep retaking the quiz over and over again, but getting the same identical exam?  The laws of probability tell us that chances of that happening are close to none. 

If you find that you miss too many questions while going through the Mississippi permit practice test simulator, we suggest that you switch to using some of the easier practice exams.  The DMV cheat sheet that we offer is a great option to look into, as it follows the same format this practice test does, yet allows you access to various study aids, which makes answering permit test questions so much easier.  You can also work on regular practice permit tests with fixed questions and come back to the Simulator once you feel more confident!

Remember that the Mississippi practice permit test simulator is just a study tool and it order for the tool to work, you have to use it!  Practice 10-15 minutes every day and you will see your grades sky-rocket!