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We know every excuse to not studying Minnesota road signs you can come up with, we've heard them all all before:  "drivers permit test questions on signs are easy", "I know the signs and I don't need to study them", "my friend didn't study and he passed", "the MN permit test doesn't have that many questions on signs anyway".  Let us disillusion you right now: the DMV written test has plenty of questions on signs, those questions go well beyond what's considered to be "common knowledge" and the fact that your friend has passed the DMV written test does not guarantee that you will.  The only proven way to pass the Minnesota permit test the first time you take it is to study for it and this road signs drivers practice test is here to help you do exactly that - learn Minnesota road signs that will be on your knowledge test!

The online drivers practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover Minnesota road signs and nothing but road signs.  All questions are based on the Minnesota drivers manual, all questions provide you with four options to choose from.  Only one of the answers is correct, even if it may seem like two or more answers fit.  Whenever posed by a question like that, go for the option that provides the most detailed answer to the question and don't worry if you happen to make a mistake or two - remember that this is a practice driving test and mistakes are a normal part of the learning process.  This 2020 Minnesota road sign driver's practice test (and any other practice permit test on the website, for that matter) will always display the right answer, for any question you just so happen to miss, and provide a detailed description of the road sign discussed by that question. Read this description and never make the same mistake twice!  If you feel that you need a little extra help with these Minnesota permit test questions, be sure to check out the helpful study aids we have prepared for you!  Choose between receiving more information about the question by having a helpful hint displayed or reducing the number of possible answers with the help of the 50/50 button, the choice is yours!  Use both of these options together for some of the toughest questions and you're bound to break through them!

One of the most common mistakes with studying road signs for the Minnesota drivers permit test is learning to recognize the signs on sight, but never taking time to learn auxiliary skills that will be tested on the exam, such as recognizing MN road signs by shape and color.  Yes, this does sound like a silly skill - why would you need to learn the shape of a sign if you can know what the picture of a sign stands for?   The reason why these skills are important is because you will not always drive in ideal conditions, when you can see the signs from far away and have plenty of time to figure out how to react to the sign you see.  Imagine yourself driving in thick fog - you can barely see the signs as you drive past them and sometimes the shape is all you get.  This is where these skills come in handy - being able to differentiate and prioritize between signs based on their shape and color helps you make those important decisions and avoid possible dangers.  These skills are considered to be crucial for safe driving all across the country, almost every permit test paper has at least one question that covers them!  

If you are looking for some extra study materials to go along with this Minnesota road sign drivers license practice test, be sure to check out the official drivers manual!  The book contains printable Minnesota road sign study sheets, just download the PDF file to your computer and print out pages 48 to 58, they contain a list of road signs that may be on the learners permit test, along with detailed descriptions for each and every sign.  Post these study sheets somewhere you can see them often and you won't even notice how quickly you'll learn them!

If you believe that this Minnesota road signs drivers practice test (MN) 2020 is missing something, don't hesitate to let your voice be heard, comment on the page and we'll be sure to improve the exam per your suggestions!