Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Do you know what is the biggest challenge faced by students who are about to take the Minnesota permit test?  It's not the number of questions on the exam, not the expected level of skill they are required to demonstrate, it's finding the motivation to study and getting started!  You are already half way there and your chances of passing the DMV permit test the first time you visit the office have increased drastically just because you have made a decision to prepare for the exam and have followed through!  Now it's up to us to make it happen and we're definitely up the to the challenge!

Wondering what makes this MN DMV practice permit test different from other road sign quizzes you might have taken previously?  After all, they all feature multiple choice questions, they all cover the same set of road signs, they all claim to help you prepare for your knowledge exam, why would you choose one over another?  The difference lies in the approach we use to get you prepared in the least amount of time possible!  We want you to cover as many different Minnesota traffic signs as possible, yet we don't want you to feel overwhelmed by having to answer hundreds of different DMV questions at once.  This is why you only see 20 questions on this Minnesota DMV practice test, so you can complete the exam in the matter of minutes and get back to your other chores.  However, don't let this number fool you and be sure to come back to the quiz whenever you have another moment to spare!  Unlike regular DMV practice tests that feature the same set of questions no matter how many times you take the exam, our road sign practice test uses a completely different approach.  The exam is connected to the knowledge base of sample road sign permit test questions and answers, every time you sign into the page our custom algorithm chooses 20 random questions from the pool and builds a unique custom quiz just for you!  You can keep on retaking the exam as many times as you want to cover as many questions as possible, remember, this Minnesota DMV practice test is free, the only thing you need to invest is your time!

Another important part of the learning process is immediate feedback and we believe that the DMV practice test does a great job at that!  You do not have to complete the entire exam just to find out what questions you have missed, whenever you make a mistake, the practice test will let you know about it immediately!  However, knowing that you've made an error is just half of the job, you need to know how to correct it too.  We've got that covered!  The correct answer is always displayed next to the option you have chosen, so you will never make the same mistake twice!  And don't bother with writing those DMV questions down - you can review all your answers once again upon completing the entire test!

Want even more road signs to study?  Go ahead and download a copy of the drivers manual, it's got a bunch of printable Minnesota road sign study sheets!  The best thing about those DMV study sheets is that they list virtually every road sign that may come up during the written exam, the entire DMV permit test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the permit test study guide.  Want even more good news?  The book is absolutely free, just like our Minnesota DMV road sign practice permit test (MN) 2019!  Combine these two resources together and you've got yourself the ultimate DMV test study tool!