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How is this MVA practice test different from other practice quizzes you may have taken?  Great question!  First (and this is kind of an obvious one), this permit practice test is all about road signs and nothing but the signs.  Most of the other MVA practice tests on the site feature a variety of permit test questions and answers that cover a great scope of driving rules, alcohol laws, seat belt restrictions, parking regulations, defensive driving techniques - all those little things that may come up at the MVA office when you come in to take your learners permit test.  Unlike those practice quizzes, this is a topical exam, the only questions you can expect to see here are the ones that deal with Maryland road signs.

Another major difference between this sample quiz and other MVA road signs practice tests on the website is the way the exam is built, the way questions for the exam are chosen.  Other sample quizzes present you a fixed set of predefined questions every time you sign into the website.  The order of those questions is rotated, they are shuffled around to keep you interested, but at the end of the day, they are the same questions over and over again (and we have to note that this isn't a bad way to study either, that approach has its own merits). To the contrary, this free Maryland practice permit test presents you with a new set of questions every time you sign into the website!  Every time you being this permit practice test, a custom quiz is built for you and here is how it happens.  The practice quiz dives into the knowledge base of over 100 MVA test questions and answers and chooses the ones that cover road signs.  At this point, the exam selects 20 odd questions from this pool, randomizes them and presents you with a completely unique road sign permit practice test!  The process is repeated whenever you retake the exam, this means that chances of you stumbling upon an identical test are close to nil.  You will definitely see some questions repeated as you keep on retaking the quiz over and over again, but getting an identical exam is highly unlikely!

This are the things that set the MVA permit practice test aside from other regular tests on the website, but we made sure to implement every great feature you loved about those tests in this practice quiz too!  Immediate feedback - you will see it on every MVA practice test on the site and this exam is no exception, the test is graded on the fly, you always know whether you have answered a question correctly and see the right answer if you haven't.  Great images - we don't know how are you expected to study MVA signs for the permit test without them? Unlimited chances to pass the exam - the practice permit test is free and you can keep on retaking it as many times as you need until you are fully satisfied with your grades!  Not timed - we don't want you to worry about the time while you are studying, this is the situation when slow and steady wins the race indeed, being rushed by the constant reminder that the test is about to expire can tickle your nerves and provide you with an adrenaline rush, but the thrill is really not for beginners.

If you are looking for additional study materials to help you study even faster, be sure to check out the official drivers manual.  The book contains printable MVA road signs study sheets, just download the PDF file, print them out and post them in a place you frequent so they are in front of your eyes all the time.  This constant visual reminder helps you memorize the signs faster and remember them even after you pass the knowledge test!

Enjoy this free Maryland road signs MVA practice test 2020 and don't forget to brag about passing the exam in the comments above!