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We wanted to build the ultimate study tool for those getting ready to take their permit test for the first time and finally it's here - a free Maryland permit test simulator for the 2019 MVA quiz!  With hundreds of multiple choice questions on signs and rules and a format that is identical to the real DMV exam, you really can't go wrong!  Use this MD permit test simulator to assess your current skills or to learn something new, it is really a versatile tool that will suit everyone's needs!  Jump right in and start answering permit test questions, the quiz only takes 10-15 minutes to complete!

When we were designing this MVA permit test simulator, our primary goal was to provide students with real life experience when it comes to taking the permit test.  Some people just go over the drivers handbook once, go a local MVA office and realize that they are completely unprepared for the exam, as they simply read the manual, without knowing which rules need to be studied in details, what kind of questions to expect on the real exam, what statistics to learn.  The drivers manual is a great MD permit test study and we recommend that anyone taking the MVA test in 2019 reads it at least once, however simply reading the book is not enough.  This is where practice permit tests come in.

A good Maryland practice permit test is not just a quiz with a bunch of random questions that have been gathered without any system, with no regard to the driving rules and signs covered by the real exam.  A practice quiz like that is completely useless and taking it even a hundred times won't bring any benefits.  In fact, it can even do more harm than good, by giving you a false sense of overconfidence.   A well-designed  MVA practice test contains only questions that cover topics that will come up on the real permit test.  A great MVA practice permit test contains a large number of such questions.  A perfect MVA learners permit practice test presents all these questions in the same format the real permit test does.

This is exactly what we have prepared for you - a free Maryland MVA practice permit test simulator 2019 with hundreds of permit test questions to cover each and every driving rule you may encounter on the real permit exam.  The knowledge base contains over 500 MVA test questions that are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect all changes to the Maryland driving law.  We add new questions almost every month, some of them are being submitted by users just like you who have already passed their drivers permit test, others we develop ourselves.  All questions are multiple choice, every question having four possible answers.   Only one of the answers is correct.  The interactive practice quiz is graded on the go, correct answers are displayed immediately and you don't have to wait until the end of the test to find out where you went wrong.  MVA test questions are drawn randomly from the knowledge base every time you take the quiz, it's just like having hundreds of different MD practice permit tests are your disposal, all at a single page.

There is one thing to note: this learners permit test simulator does not offer any study aids you might have gotten used to while going through other MVA practice tests on the website.  We want to keep it real and there is no cheating on the real Maryland permit test.  If you would like to take a practice quiz that has the same format, but gives you a bit more freedom in choosing whether to use study aids or not, make sure to check out our online Maryland MVA cheat sheet, it is highly similar to the Simulator but will let you "cheat" during the exam.

Make sure you keep working on the MVA practice permit test simulator until you can score 90% or higher every time you take it!  If you find the Simulator a bit too hard, you can switch to taking other free practice permit tests on the website, we have a great selection of learners permit practice quizzes for beginners!  Good luck at the MVA and let us know how it goes!