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Don't let the DMV catch you off-guard, make sure you know your signs before you go in to take the Louisiana drivers permit test!  You may not know this, but road signs are extremely important and they take up a significant portion of the written exam.  In fact, the permit test is even divided into two separate section - the Louisiana sign test that contains 20 questions and a road rules exam with 30 multiple choice questions and you need to score no less than 80% on each part of the exam before you can be issued with a drivers license and be allowed behind the wheel.  And don't think those will be some easy questions either - that's simply not true!  Sure, there will be one or two questions that cover the basics, such as the stop sign or the yield sign, but most of the question will require you to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the subject.  This means being able to identify road signs by shape, color, be able to place signs into different groups and prioritize between them based on these groupings.  Don't worry if you don't know these things yet - we have all necessary tools right here and this free Louisiana road signs drivers practice test is just one of the steps of the ladder that will take you to success!

Unlike other road sign practice permit tests you see on the website, this Louisiana drivers practice test was designed to serve as a self-evaluation tool to help you gauge your current skills and determine the best direction to take based on your results.  Due to it's purpose, the practice driving test does not have any integrated study aids to help you fight your way through difficult questions - it's just you against the quiz!  We strongly recommend against using any road sign study sheets or peeking for answers in the Louisiana drivers ed book while doing this exam as it will reduce the accuracy of your results and may mislead you into thinking that you are doing better than you really are! So close all your driving test study guides, get rid of study sheets and do the exam as quickly as you can!  And here is another surprise for you - while we usually recommend that you work on your Louisiana drivers ed practice test until you score 90% or higher, we advise that you change your approach and don't quit until you get the perfect score!  The reason why we would like you to deviate from the approach you're so used to is simple - road signs are awfully important! This really is the single most important topic on the exam that will contribute 40% of your overall grade for the DMV written test.  Considering how easy road signs are to learn, why not score some extra points where you can?  Boost your chances of passing the drivers license test the first time you take it with the help of this free Louisiana practice driving test!

While this 2019 drivers ed practice test may look similar to other sample exams on the website, there are a few differences that place it into a completely different league of permit test study tools.  For starters, it's got over 100 sample questions in it!  That's right, where a regular practice permit test displays you with the same set of questions over and over again, this Louisiana driving practice test takes a completely different approach!  The test is connected to the knowledge base of over 100 answers to Louisiana driving test and it draws upon this connection every time you begin the test.  Twenty new questions are randomly pulled from the question bank and you end up with unique testing experience.   This helps to kill a few birds with one stone: less bias in your results, as you won't be tempted to choose easy questions over their more difficult counterparts; thorough testing with a large number of questions and last but not least - you're having more fun in the process, since you are not stuck doing the same test over and over again!

If you find that you keep scoring less than 80% every time you do this free Louisiana road signs drivers practice test 2019, it is certainly not a cause for panic.  We recommend that you start by going through regular road sign practice tests first and build your way back to the self-assessment exam as your skills grow!  It doesn't take long, it's free and you've got nothing to lose!