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Guess what?  We just got out hands on more sample questions for the Louisiana permit test 2019 and we have built this awesome practice test for you!  Changing lanes, dealing with blind pedestrians and guide dogs, sharing the road with large trucks, distracted driving, obeying traffic control devices, seat belt laws, driving at night, road signs...  You won't believe how much stuff we were able to fit into this amazing free Louisiana practice permit test!  And the best thing of all - you can cover all these permit test questions in less than 5 minutes!  

Those who have already invested some time into the first Louisiana practice driving test don't need much explaining when it comes to figuring out how to operate this practice quiz, but let's do a quick overview for everyone else (by the way, if you have not taken the first practice quiz, now would be a good time to do so).  The permit practice test consists of twenty multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules.  It is graded on the go, as soon as you pick one of the answers, the practice test tells you whether you are right or wrong.  In an unfortunate situation when you happen to make a mistake and choose a wrong answer, the practice quiz will also highlight the right answer for you.  Sounds great, right?  it gets even better!  Not only will our 2019 Louisiana practice permit test highlight the right answer for you, it will also provide a detailed justification for that answer, explaining the driving rule that is being discussed in the question.  These explanations provide indescribable value and can literally save hours of your time, the time you could have spent researching this information in the driving test study guide.  Not that you should read the book, by the way, we love the book and we believe it is one of the most basic, yet essential, study resources when it comes to learning the rules of the road.   Anyone who wants to pass the drivers permit test on the first visit to the DMV should start the journey by reading the Louisiana drivers license test study guide and then polish this newly acquired knowledge with free practice permit tests!

For those who are still somewhat reluctant to read the manual, we have prepared a surprised - in-built study aids that will help you work through particularly hard permit test questions.  Forget about the times when you selected a random option whenever you could not answer a question, those days are long gone!  Our 2019 Louisiana permit practice test will provide assistance for each and every one of those questions, just refer to the self help section!  There are two ways to make your life easier - you can either request for a hint to be displayed or you can use the 50/50 button and hide two incorrect answers from the screen altogether (here is a secret no one knows - you can even use both of these options simultaneously!).  We recommend that you always use hints first and attempt to deduce the right answer with the additional information provided through these hints, fall back to the 50/50 option only when you are completely stuck!

How much time should you spend studying this free practice permit test for Louisiana?  To be honest, it's not really about the time, it's about the grade you can achieve.  The passing score for the real Louisiana drivers permit test is 80% (you need to get this score for both parts of the permit test, road rules and road signs).  However, since this is a practice quiz, we recommend that you keep working on it until you can score no less than 90% every time you take it.  This means answering 18 or more sample questions correctly.  Don't worry, it won't take you long and you will thank us later, when you will pass your learners permit test with flying colors!

Remember, passing the drivers license test is easy, you just need a bit of free time and the right study tools!  We have given you the tools, now it's up to you to find the time!  Good luck at the DMV and please share this free Louisiana practice permit test with anyone you know who's about to apply for a drivers license!