Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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The Louisiana DMV written test is one of the most misrepresented exams you will ever have to take, possibly one with the worst failure record too.  A piece of permit test trivia - more than a half of drivers license applicants fail the knowledge test the first time they take it.  More than a half!   This is huge, everyone's aware of the fact and yet nothing seems to be changing!  There are many factors that explain this, but they all come down to a simple truth - students don't spend sufficient time preparing for the drivers license test and frequently go in without opening the drivers ed book once or taking a single free Louisiana practice driving test!  Everyone has an excuse - it's either not having enough time to study, being overwhelmed by the amount of materials in the drivers license guide or having a misguided belief that the DMV exam consists only of "common sense" questions.

The good news is that you can be part of the minority that nails the exams on their first visit to the DMV and we can show you how to break through any excuses and prepare for the drivers license test as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This 2020 Louisiana drivers license test was designed to help you avoid all pitfalls first-time test takers usually fall into.  Don't have enough time to study?  Nonsense, completing this Louisiana drivers ed practice test takes under 5 minutes and you don't even have to be in front of the computer to take it - you can take the practice test with you on your iPhone wherever you go!  Can't make yourself read the drivers manual because it just seems like too much?  The practice test has only 20 questions, anyone can do that and once you get the momentum, you can tackle more challenging tasks!  Don't see the need to study because you believe the permit test to be easy?  See if you can score 90% or higher on this drivers practice test and start studying if you can't! (By the way, if you do well on this quiz, don't stop at that - be sure to try your skills against the Louisiana drivers license test Simulator, the ultimate practice test that is built just like the real exam).

A few words on what this practice quiz is like and how to get the most out of it.  Similar to other regular practice quizzes on the website, this online Louisiana driving practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover both rules and signs.   Every question has four answers, yet only one of these answers is correct.  Do not rush with choosing the first answer that seems right, as the exam contains a few "trick" questions that require you to dig in and choose the best answer out of a few similar options.  Although we call them "trick" questions, we are not actually trying to trick you and are merely helping you prepare for the DMV experience - you will see more than a few questions of this kind on the DMV computer.  Take your time to work through them and consider all of the provided answers before you indicate your choice, this will help you avoid silly mistakes and significantly improve your overall grade.  This online driving practice test is graded on the fly and you know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after choosing one of the provided options.  Whenever you make a mistake, the system places the exam on pause and displays the correct answer with a detailed explanation of the driving rule covered by that questions.  This means you can stay focused and don't have to leave the test to search the drivers manual for corresponding information, more time saved!

Continue working on this free Louisiana practice driving test 2020 until you are able to answer at least 90% of all questions correctly,  then move on to the next exam!  Of course, there are no rules that prevent you from shooting for the perfect score and you should definitely try it if you have another five minutes to spare!  Good luck!