Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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While this quick-and-easy Louisiana DMV practice test targets beginners and those who are just setting off on the road towards achieving a drivers license, those who are already at a more advanced stage of the preparation process should not discount the power of this exam.  There is always something new to learn and you don't have anything to lose by taking this practice quiz - the exam has only 20 Louisiana DMV test questions and takes less than five minutes to complete!  Answered all of these questions correctly?  You're awesome (seriously, you are), move on to the next exam you see on the site, they get harder as you progress up the line!  Didn't do quite as well as you have expected?  Not to worry, we'll get you there in no time at all!  Repeat the quiz again (remember, this DMV practice test is free) and watch your grades improve instantly!

This free DMV Louisiana practice test utilizes the same format that applies to most of the sample quizzes on this website, the format that works, the format that was developed after running numerous trials.  The exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover a variety of traffic rules and road signs and are based on the same set of driving rules as the real exam.  Some of the questions come straight from the DMV test, others have been developed with the help of the information contained in the 2019 Louisiana drivers ed book, the manual that is frequently referred to as the driving test study guide.  The name of the book is a complete give-away - it really is the best Louisiana drivers license test study guide you can find our there, since the entire DMV written test is based exclusively on the information contained in that book.  It's free too, so be sure to check it out before you fork up a few hundred dollars for a drivers education class that contains the same set of materials!

We don't believe in practice test that don't display your answers until you complete the entire test, they provide little to no learning value and can only be used to evaluate your current skill set.  Our free Louisiana DMV practice test was designed around the idea of immediate feedback and it delivers exactly what it promises - constant feedback throughout the entire exam.  The practice driving test is graded as you go and you always know whether you have answered a DMV test question correctly.  Whenever you make a mistake, the sample quiz always alerts you to the error and displays the correct answer along with a detailed explanation, to help you memorize this answer faster and remember it longer!  Don't make the mistake of rushing to the next question before you read the provided explanation, make certain you fully understand the question and the correct answer before you proceed.  Doing so will not result in any wasted time, in fact, you will end up saving more time on having to retake the DMV practice test multiple by doing so! 

While overachievers can certainly work on the practice test until they cover virtually every question on the exam, we don't believe that this approach should be exercised by everyone.  Those who can secure 18 correct answers on this 2019 Louisiana DMV practice test are clear to proceed to the next quiz of the line up.  Needless to say, you must be able to achieve this grade without using any study aids in the process.  It should not take you long and most of our students are able to hit the target on their second or third attempt.   Don't worry if it takes you a little longer, remember that this Louisiana practice permit test is free and you can take however long you need to get it right! 

Read the drivers license guide, work on this free Louisiana DMV practice test and good luck at the DMV!  Don't hesitate to share the exam on Facebook and Twitter if you like it!