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One of the most common reasons why people choose to ignore road signs during their permit test study sessions and never take a single road sign KY DMV practice test is because signs just seem to be too easy! Traffic signs is a huge part of our lives, they surround us from a very early age, we grow accustomed to seeing them, we learn what the most common ones mean and we grow comfortable in the assumption that this is all there is to learn about them. Reality usually hits us in the form of a large red “FAILED” sign on the screen of a DMV computer while we are at the office, taking the Kentucky permit test. Knowing what the stop sign does and how to go through an intersection if you are facing a yield sign is great, almost everyone knows that, but the DMV expects so much more from us! There are skills associated with KY road signs we don't even think about until we start studying for the permit test, such as identifying road signs by shape and color. Seriously, what a silly skill, why do we even need this? Well, you may find this skill silly now, while you are sitting in front of your computer screen, but when you are traveling on a highway and it's pouring, these skills can save your life! Recognizing traffic signs in a low-visibility scenario and taking appropriate action is extremely important, the DMV is very clear about this and every 2019 KY permit test paper has questions asking you to demonstrate this ability.

What you have in front of you right now is the ultimate Kentucky DMV practice test on road signs, with over a hundred sample questions for you to work on. We know you're only seeing 20 questions right now, but don't let that number fool you! Unlike regular practice permit tests, this DMV practice test does not use a fixed set of questions that are shown to you every time, it is connected to a large knowledge base of Kentucky permit test questions and answers and it draws upon this knowledge base to build custom quizzes for you every time you access the page! Whenever you log into this free road signs DMV practice permit test, the exam chooses 20 random questions from the knowledge base, randomizes them and presents you with a completely unique practice exam!

The real DMV written test consists of multiple choice questions, so why reinvent the wheel? This free KY DMV practice test on road signs is built upon multiple choice questions with three or four answers provided for every one of them. Only one of the answers is correct, even if it does seem otherwise from time to time. Always go for the option that provides the most detailed answer to the question and don't worry about making a mistake or two – mistakes are a normal part of the learning process! Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, the drivers practice test will display the right answer for you and provide you with a detailed explanation for that answer. Make sure you read them, it only takes a moment and it really helps you remember the signs better!

Need a study sheet for Kentucky road signs that will be on the permit test? While the official Kentucky drivers manual 2019 is not the greatest resource for road signs (the pictures are of low quality and there are not that many of them anyway), we still recommend that you start by looking into it. There is one fact you need to keep in mind: the entire permit test in KY is based on the information in that book, nothing else. In theory, you could get by just by reading the permit manual, but we know how boring that is, so we've got another way for you! Quickly skim through the book and follow up by working on the practice permit tests you see online! Taking sample exams after reading the book will help you ensure that you don't miss anything important!

Now that you've got a recipe for success, all you have to do is buckle down and start working on this free Kentucky DMV practice test (KY) 2019 on road signs!  Good luck!