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We are proud to present you with our latest achievement  - a free practice permit test simulator for the 2019 Kentucky permit test!  With 500+ questions in the current knowledge base and new permit test questions being added every month, there is really no other KY permit practice test out there that is as comprehensive as this permit test simulator.  Road signs, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, parking on hills, speed limits, tickets and penalties, seat belt laws and teen learners permit restrictions - there is no driving rule our 2019 practice quiz does not cover!

There are two categories of people who will find this Kentucky drivers permit test simulator useful: those who want to gauge their current skill level and those who want to study with a free KY practice permit test that follows the same format the real test does.  If you are using the practice exam for self-assessment, make sure you keep all driving books closed during the test. No peeking!  Just find yourself a quiet place where no one will bother you for 20-30 minutes and go over the practice test once.  If you score 90% of higher the first time - you are doing great and you are highly likely to pass the permit test the first time you take it!  Of course,  you can take the permit test simulator quiz once again just to make sure your first grade wasn't a fluke and you can achieve consistent results every time!

For those utilizing the 2019 Kentucky practice permit test (KY) Simulator as a study tool - there are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to using additional study materials.  Want to read a drivers manual while taking the test?  No problem! Want to use notes? Go ahead!  Got a video of a drivers ed class with all the answers?  Fine with us!  Seriously, you can use whatever materials you find useful to compliment this KY permit practice test simulator, our goal is to provide you with the best learning experience possible!  You can even switch from using the permit test simulator to studying our free KY permit test DMV cheat sheet, a practice permit test that is structured just like the Simulator, but has in-built study aids that make learning the rules faster and more fun!

Just like any other permit practice test at ePermitTest.com, this Kentucky practice permit test (KY) simulator consists of multiple choice questions on road rules and traffic signs.  Every question has four possible answers, only one answer being correct.  Questions are drawn randomly from our large knowledge base every time you start the test, this means a new practice quiz every time the page is refreshed.  Keep that in mind and don't navigate away from the test if you don't want to lose your results.  If you prefer a practice permit test with fixed questions, switch to using one of the regular Kentucky practice permit tests we have on the website.

This interactive online practice exam is graded on the go and questions are marked as soon as you pick one of the answers.  When you answer a question incorrectly, the system will show you a correct answer, along with a detailed explanation of why this particular answer is correct.  These explanations are based on the official Kentucky drivers manual 2019, make sure to read them if you are using the Simulator as a study tool.

Once you are done with the whole exam, you will be presented with the results page, where you can see your final score and review any questions you may have missed.  From that page, you will have the option to choose a different practice test or to continue studying with the help of the simulator.

We hope you enjoy using the Kentucky permit practice test simulator and wish you all the best at the DMV!  Let us know how you visit goes!