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Can a venture a guess as to how many people fail the drivers permit test in Kentucky the first time they take it?  Ten percent?   Twenty?  Twenty five?  Well, it turns out that more than a half of all students who take the written permit test fail the exam the first time they take it.  Most of those who fail the first time pass on their second attempt.  Do you believe the second exam is much different from the first one? Do these students receive an easier exam paper that allows them to pass? They don't.  The only difference between the two attempts is the study time that is invested into the process between these two DMV visits.  Amazingly, a very large number of people don't study at all before visiting the DMV for their first knowledge test appointment.  They are under the impression that the Kentucky permit test is so easy a child could pass it!  Unfortunately, the realization that they are mistaken comes too late for most applicants, so they have to go back home, do some studying and come back to take the exam another day.  We have designed this free KY DMV permit practice test so you can avoid the mistake and get it right the first time!

The DMV permit practice test contains 20 multiple choice questions that cover a wide range of road signs and driving rules.  We have decided to go with the multiple choice format because this is what the DMV uses for the real written exam, why not study in thee same environment from the very beginning?  Every question on the practice quiz sports four answers, but only one of those answers is correct.  There is a common mistake we observe among test takers and it affects both teen and adult drivers license applicants - the mistake is to rush through the exam.   Some students are so worried about the time when answering these KY permit test questions, they go for the first option that seems reasonable, without taking a moment to read through all of the provided answers!   This is wrong and this can affect your learners permit test score greatly!  It is quite common for drivers test questions to include a few answers that are quite similar at first glance.  However, when you dig into them, you realize that only one of the answers is correct, as the second one usually contains a small detail that renders it invalid.  These aren't "trick questions" and the DMV is not trying to deceive you in any way, these questions were designed to test your attentiveness and to make sure that you really know your stuff, that you did not waste time on simply memorizing answers to permit test questions, that you know the actual rules that underlie those answers.  Forget about the time, you've got plenty of it, take a moment to work through every question as you are going through this KY DMV practice test and when you are doing the real exam at the DMV!

We believe in the power of immediate feedback!  Nothing helps you learn quicker than being alerted to your mistakes the instant they happen and being shown a way to correct these errors!  This 2019 KY drivers permit practice test does just that!  We don't make you finish en entire test before showing you your progress - whenever you happen to misstep, we tell you about right there and then!  Furthermore, we will always show you the right answer next to the one you have selected AND provide a detailed explanation for that answer.  Why waste time on reading these explanations?  Because this time isn't wasted, in fact, taking a minute now to read them can potentially save you significantly more time later down the line! These detailed explanations that come up throughout the online DMV practice test help your brain to make new associations faster, this means you will memorize the rule faster and remember it for a longer period of time!   Skipping these explanation means you will need to repeat the quiz more times to get the same results!

Enjoy these sample questions and don't stop working on this free Kentucky DMV permit practice test (KY) 2019 until your score is 90% or higher!  At that point, simply move on to the next practice exam you see on the screen!  Good luck at the office!