Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We drive on the same roads as you do and this is the primary reason why we want you to be a safe and confident driver. The education and knowledge you are receiving right now will safeguard not only you and your family, but those who share the highway with you every day and we will never stop repeating how important it is that you study for your drivers permit test.  This is how this KY permit practice test came to be - you may be thinking about passing the knowledge test the first time you take it, we are thinking safer roads and less casualties!  So get settled, dig in and don't stop until you have covered each one of these permit test questions!

This free Kentucky permit practice test consists of 20 sample questions on KY road signs and road rules.  All questions are multiple choice, this is how the real test is built and we don't see much point in changing it.  Every question presents you with four answers and only one of those answers is correct.  We know that sometimes it may be hard to pick between two options that seem to be very much alike, this is a common problem for quite a few students who take the drivers permit test.  These aren't trick questions and the DMV is not trying to mislead you on purpose, the goal is to ensure that you really know your stuff.  When faced by a question like that, always go for the option that provides the most detailed, the most thorough answer to the question and don't worry if you make a mistake or two at first - mistakes happen, they are part of the process and you just need to learn from them!  Whenever you choose in incorrect answer, the Kentucky permit practice test will highlight it in red and display the correct answer on the screen!  Wait, it gets better!  On top of this, the practice quiz will provide a detailed explanation for the driving rule that is being covered by that question!   These explanations are based on the permit book, the one that is used by the DMV for the real Kentucky permit test, and while we strongly recommend that you read the manual before you start working on this practice permit test, these explanations will be of immeasurable value to those who jumped straight to hammering away at practice test questions, skipping the book altogether!  By the way, it is never too late to go back and read the Kentucky drivers manual, even if you have already started the exam!  The permit practice test won't go anywhere, it will still be here when you get back!

How long should you be working on the quiz before you move on?  As long as you need!  Seriously, you got to keep in mind that this 2019 Kentucky drivers permit practice test is not timed, it is free and you can keep on retaking it until you are fully satisfied with your grades.  We believe that answering at least 18 questions correctly without using any study aids is the bar you should be aiming at, don't stop studying until you have reached this milestone.  Overachievers should go for the perfect score, see if you can answer all 20 questions correctly!

If you believe that this free Kentucky permit practice test (KY) 2019 is missing something - let your voice be heard, comment on the page and we'll improve the exam per your suggestions! Good luck at the DMV office!