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This Kansas practice driving test was primarily designed for beginners, so if you are already at a more advanced stage of the preparation process, you may find these Kansas permit test questions to be not so challenging.   Having said that, we don't believe you should skip the exam in favor of something more difficult - go ahead and complete this practice permit test even if you consider yourself to be a driving guru, you can always find something new in unexpected places!  If you manage to answer all of these sample questions correctly - you've proven yourself worthy of your title, move on to the next Kansas drivers practice test you see on the screen, they will get more challenging as you move up the line!  However, if you see that you're not doing quite as well as you have hoped to, do linger on this exam and nail these questions before you leave!

We don't want you to waste your valuable time on figuring out the interface, having to spend hours on figuring out how to operate the exam and so we have made this free Kansas drivers license practice test as simple and straightforward as a practice quiz can be.  Twenty multiple choice questions that cover the entire range of driving rules and road signs, four answers for every question, only one of them being correct.  The exam is graded immediately - we don't believe in sample quizzes that make you complete the entire test before showing you the results.  A Kansas driving practice test of that kind could be useful if you're just doing a quick self-evaluation, but if you want to learn something new, it's value is very low and it gets even lower as the number of questions on the exam increases.  When you get to the page with your results and see a list that contains hundreds of questions, do you really believe you can successfully memorize the ones you have missed?  Highly unlikely.  We believe that immediate feedback is extremely important and this is exactly what this 2020 Kansas practice driving test will provide you with throughout the entire exam - whenever you make a mistake, the exam will alert you to the fact immediately by highlighting your incorrect answer in red and displaying the correct answer next to the one you have chosen! In addition to that, the drivers permit practice test will furnish a detailed explanation for that answer, an explanation you should read if you want to get the most out of the sample exam.  Don't worry about the time it takes you - the DMV practice test is not timed and you can take as long as you need to ensure that you fully understand all driving rules covered by the exam.  Furthermore, you save time by reading these explanations - they raise your retention rates and help you remember the answer better, so you won't have to repeat the drivers practice test quite as many times!

Once you get through the entire exam, your free Kansas driving practice test will provide you with yet another opportunity to review the questions you have missed and display your overall score.  This score is a great indicator of your current progress and we suggest that you base your study process on these grades.  Your goal is to be able to hit 90% on the quiz without having to use any study aids in the process and be able to do so consistently.  Once you are able to achieve this, you can move on to the next practice driving test you see on the screen and repeat the process once again.   Now, if you want to shoot for the perfect score - who is to stop you?  Go ahead and take another moment to nail every question on the exam, we applaud your commitment to getting the most out of your Kansas drivers license practice test!

Want to improve your chances even further and gain access to all Kansas drivers license test questions and answers?  Then you should look for the official drivers manual that is published by the DMV, the book you may know as the Kansas driving handbook or drivers license exam book.  The manual is one of the most useful study aids as the entire written test is based exclusively on the information you can find in there (seriously, it has all of the Kansas permit test questions and answers!).  Many students find the book too dull or too lengthy - either way, they stop reading it and waste a perfectly good opportunity! Don't make the same mistake - read the book before you start working on your drivers ed practice test and maximize your chances of passing the DMV knowledge test the first time you take it!

Got a question about this free Kansas driving practice test 2020 or simply want to say thanks?  Use the comment box on the page and give us a shout, we love hearing from you!  Good luck and enjoy the exam!