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In most cases, procrastination is a consequence of having a bunch of limiting beliefs about the DMV written test, beliefs that are rarely grounded on knowledge and come from a few myths that are being propagated online.  Here is a great example - "studying for the permit test requires a lot of time".  If you believe this, you are likely to be daunted by the task and so you will resist hitting the books as much as possible.  Is this myth actually true, do you really have to spend hours in front of the computer, going through a lengthy drivers education class or trying to learn the entire Kansas drivers license exam book by heart?  You don't!  You can prepare for your Kansas DMV permit test quickly, efficiently, and have fun in the process!  Let's take a closer look at how this free Kansas DMV practice test can help you achieve that by going through a few common excuses to not studying we hear from our students!

"There is just too much stuff to learn".  This belief is among the top three limiting factors that prevent people from taking time to study for the DMV written test.  There is some truth to this statement, there are a lot of new rules to learn, road signs to memorize, and some of these rules may seem confusing to someone who has no prior experience with the subject (that would be most of the individuals who have not driven before).  However, it really does not have to be that way!  Any large task, including studying for the Kansas drivers license test, can be broken down to a series of smaller steps, steps anyone can complete!  This is exactly what this free DMV Kansas practice test does for you!  Note that this practice permit test does not throw hundreds of questions at you all at once - there is simply no point in doing that!  Your 2020 DMV practice test has 20 Kansas permit test questions, anyone can do that!  And once you're done with this batch, why not take a break and complete another set of 20 questions with the help of another driving practice test (we've got a collection of exams sitting there waiting for you!).  Small steps - we could even call them baby-steps, is the key to successfully fighting this urge to procrastinate!  Try it, it really works!

Here is another good one - "studying for the DMV permit test takes too much time".  This is true if you choose it to be.  If you want to waste your time on trying to memorize the drivers license exam book by heart or completing sample exams with 500+ Kansas permit test answers and spend hours in front of the computer screen - then this statement will come true for you!  However, there is another way to study, a better way!  Take this online DMV practice test for Kansas (or any other state, for that matter) - you only need five minutes to complete it and you don't even have to use a computer to do so!  Sign into the exam from your iPhone and go mobile, you can take the DMV practice test with you anywhere you go!  On the bus to school, during your lunch break, even as you're sitting there, having fun with friends - sign into the website and take the test! Seriously, five minutes is all it takes and these express study sessions will add up over time, you just need to start early!  We recommend that you start studying for your 2020 Kansas written driving test at least 3 weeks in advance, this will give you plenty of time to prepare without feeling overloaded!

And if you don't feel like reading the official Kansas driving test study guide - don't! No one is forcing you, you're an adult who can do whatever you want and these DMV practice tests do a great job at helping you prepare for the knowledge test!  However, keep in mind that the real test is based on that book and if you want to improve your chances of passing the exam... well, reading the book would be the simplest thing to achieve just that!  Don't bother with trying to memorize everything (your free Kansas DMV practice permit test will take care of that for you), just browse through the manual to get a complete overview of the whole picture!  Doesn't take that long either!

Enjoy your free Kansas DMV practice test 2020 and don't hesitate to share it with anyone who may be taking the written test soon!  Good luck at the DMV!