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A common misconception is that road signs are extremely easy and you don't need to take any action to learn them them when you are studying for your Indiana drivers license test.  It's easy to understand what gave rise to this idea - road signs have penetrated our lives so deeply, it's hard to treat them with due attention.  You see street signs as you're catching a ride to school or work, you see them when you are walking the street, you see them almost every time you leave the house.  So you grow comfortable in the belief that you know everything there is to know about them, why waste any more time on learning the skill that has already been mastered?

The truth is, we don't know the signs even half as well as we think we know them.  Sure, we're fine with the basic stuff: we know that we have to stop when we see a stop sign, we know that we must give the right-of-way when we see a yield sign and that we're supposed to be using a marked pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the street.  However, once you step away from these basic road signs (and you will have to do that for your Indiana road signs driving test), you realize that there's really more to the signs than we cared to admit.  Can you tell the difference between "merging traffic" and "side road"?  Is it all right to make a left turn on the intersection where a "no U-turn" sign is posted? What traffic sign is shaped like a pennant?  Are you able to identify Indiana road signs by shape and color, place them in different groups and assign priorities based on those placings? These are the kind of questions you can expect to see during your Indiana BMV road signs test and you cannot miss more than two of them, so you better be prepared!

This free Indiana drivers practice test on road signs was designed to help you identify your potential weaknesses so you can work on them before you find yourself in front of the BMV test computer.  The tool was primarily designed for self-assessment and it has certain limitations you need to be aware of, for example, there is no way to repeat the same quiz twice - the driving practice test will always come up with a unique new sample exam every time you begin the test.  If you find that you are missing too many questions on this road signs practice test, try one of the regular practice exams first, lay a solid foundation and come back to this exam a bit later!

The practice test is similar to regular sample quizzes in its format, since it presents you with 20 multiple choice questions every time, but don't let this fool you.  Regular Indiana road sign driving practice tests use a fixed set of questions you can work on over and over again until you reach the desired score.  This quiz is entirely different - every time you begin the exam, the system chooses 20 arbitrary questions from a list of over 100 road signs, randomizes the order of those questions and builds a unique custom practice permit test for you to study.  In addition to that, the exam will not provide you with the study aids you might have grown accustomed to while working on regular exams, the system requires you to rely only on what you have learned so far.  If you have Indiana road sign study sheets posted on the wall next to your computer - cover them with something and do your best to avoid peeking among them for answers.

Got a comment or a road sign to suggest for this free Indiana driving practice test 2019 on road signs?  Post it into the comment box on the page and we'll respond to you asap!  Good luck at the BMV!