Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Finally, a free Indiana practice permit test for those who don't settle for anything less than perfect!  A real permit test simulator that will show you exactly what the real thing is like!  Sure, we can't really send you a BMV clerk to stand over your shoulder while you are taking this exam, but we did put together everything else you need to prepare for the exam!  Hundreds of sample permit test questions on road rules and road signs, a BMV-developed grading system and unlimited chances to pass - prepare for the BMV test today!

A few words for those who have just arrives and have not used any other online BMV practice permit tests on the website.  This permit practice test consists of multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  Every question has four possible answers, only one of those answers is correct.  The practice quiz is not timed, take as long as you need to find the right answer to a question.  The exam is graded on the go and you see whether you answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the options.  When you miss a question, the right answer is displayed immediately, along with a detailed explanation of why that particular answer is correct.  These explanations are based on the information from the drivers manual and you would do well to read them, they really help you remember the rules much quicker.  Once you are done with the whole practice permit test, the page your overall results will be displayed and you will have a chance to review any of the answers you might have missed.  From our experience, it takes 15-20 seconds to answer a question and since this Indiana practice permit test 2019 contains 50 permit test questions, you should allocate at least 15 minutes to taking it.  Don't have that much time and want a practice quiz that can be taken in the matter of minutes?  Simply switch to one of the regular practice exams, they contain 20 questions each and will only take you 5 minutes of less to complete. 

Those who have already had a chance to play with the BMV cheat sheet might have noticed some striking similarities between the cheat sheet and this Indiana permit test simulator.  Good eye, kudos!  These practice quizzes are extremely similar: they use the same knowledge base of questions, they present 50 BMV permit test questions every time and they are graded in the same manner.  What is different, though, is that unlike the cheat sheet, this free Indiana drivers permit practice test simulator won't offer you any assistance when it comes to picking the right answer.  The BMV cheat sheet is more of a study tool, helping you learn faster and holding your hand every step of the process, it is loaded with study aids you can call upon whenever you have troubles answering a question.  The permit test simulator will have none of that - you wanted the real thing and we are giving it to you, there will be no cheating at the BMV!  If you prefer to have access to those study aids, simply switch to using the cheat sheet!

How many times should you take this practice permit test?  This really depends on how many other Indiana practice permit tests you have taken and the score you received when you took the Simulator for the first time.  If you have already gone through quite a few drivers permit sample quizzes and scored over 90% when you took the permit test simulator exam, we'd say you have a pretty fair chance of passing the real exam too. Sure, if you got the time, you can work on the permit test simulator some more, there is no such thing as being "over-prepared".    However, if your score is hanging around 80% or even lower - you should really think about spending more time on learning the rules.  Grab a copy of the Indiana permit test book and keep it open as you are going through these sample questions. When you hit a question you can't answer right away, research the answer in the book.  Keep doing that and pretty soon you'll notice significant improvements in your grades!

That's it, enjoy this free Indiana practice permit test simulator 2019 and good luck at the BMV!