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Illinois driving test signs are quite easy to dismiss - we all think we know them, and we do, but what most of us know about road signs does not suffice for passing the drivers permit test.  We expect for Illinois permit test questions to be quite basic, we expect to be quizzed on the actions required of us when we see a stop sign, or a yield sign, or something else just as common.  The reality usually hits like a sledgehammer, when we see the written test paper with questions we have no idea how to answer.  The SOS is quite clear about the fact that they want you to go well beyond the basics and study not only the common signs, but learn pretty much everything there is to learn about this part of road infrastructure. Identifying Illinois road signs by shape, learning what different colors mean, being able to place signs into different groups and prioritize between them based on the group they belong to - these are the skills you will need to demonstrate when you show up the SOS doorstep.  If you don't have them yet - no stress, there has never been better time to learn them and we've got just the thing to get you started - a free practice test on Illinois road signs with your first 20 sample questions!  

As you understand by now, the road signs driving practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover Illinois traffic signs and nothing but traffic signs.  Every question will provide you with four possible answers, only one of the answers being correct.  Don't rush with choosing the first option that just seems to be right and read all of the provided answers before indicating your choice.  You will know whether you have answered a question immediately - we don't believe in practice tests that make you finish the entire exam before showing you your progress.  Immediate feedback is the only way to learn and our road signs drivers license practice test does just that!  Whenever you happen to make a mistake (we know you hate being wrong, but try not to stress over mistakes too much at this point, they are part of the normal learning process), the practice quiz will alert you to the fact and display the correct answer alongside the one you have chosen.  But wait, it gets better!  On top of showing you the right answer, the exam will also provide you with more detailed on the road sign in question!  Read all of the provided information and never make the same mistake twice! 

Once you've gone over the entire exam, take a moment to consider your final score!  If you answered at least 18 questions correctly (quite an achievement!), you are doing awesomely and we don't believe you'll have any issues passing the real exam!  You should take other practice quizzes on the website anyway, though, just to be sure! 

Didn't score quite as high?  Don't worry, you'll get there in no time!  Just repeat our free Illinois road sign drivers practice test again and watch your grades improve right in front of your eyes!  Remember, all of the practice tests on our website are free and you can work on them until you are fully satisfied with your grades, and since this practice test has more questions that you need to cover for the real exam, you can stop wondering what 15 signs are on the illinois driving test - you will get them all eventually!

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