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When you are preparing for the drivers permit test, you have to use all of the tools available to you.  Today, you have a choice of reading the drivers permit test booklet, taking practice permit tests, participating in a drivers education class, studying with the help of DMV cheat sheets - your options are really limitless.  However, if we were told that we can only choose a single best tool that can teach everything required for passing the permit test the first time, this free Illinois drivers test practice quiz would undoubtedly top the list!

Having said that, we want to point out that you are not in a situation that requires you to stick to a single instrument and you should keep your options open.  No one is asking you to choose between taking an Illinois drivers license practice test or reading the rules or the road book, we believe that you should do both!  We see many people skimping on reading the manual and let us tell you right now - we strongly advise against doing that even if you head about numerous people who did.  Reading the driving test booklet increases your chances of passing the drivers permit test at least two-fold. The study guide has answers to all Illinois driving test questions, so go ahead and read it, do it before you start taking this drivers practice test or while you are working on it - just read it!

Let us give you a quick overview of the practice quiz, a quick run-down of all the options you have.  This free drivers license practice test for Illinois contains twenty questions on rules of the road and road signs.  Of course, when we are saying that we cover road rules, we mean that we have questions on drug and alcohol awareness laws, speeding, parking, signalling, sharing the road with others, seat belt laws and many other things.  The practice permit test was designed to follow the real permit test and it covers all of the topics you need to be aware of for the real DMV visit.

Just like the real driver's permit test, our Illinois practice driving test quiz consists of multiple choice questions.  Every question on the quiz has only one correct answer, keep that in mind if you ever find that more than one answer fits.  The test is interactive and allows you to request help any time you are stuck.   We recommend the following approach for dealing with complex permit test questions:

  1. Open the drivers license study guide and try to locate the answer in the book
  2. Request additional information about the question by using the HINT button
  3. Hide two incorrect answers from the screen by choosing the 50/50 option

This is the recommended way that will provide you with the best learning experience. However, if you feel that this method does not work for you, it is totally fine to do things your way,  our free Illinois practice driving test quiz is a multi-tool that fits everyone's study process!

The practice test is graded immediately, you don't have to finish the whole exam to find out what questions you missed.  If, by some strange chance, you don't answer a question correctly, we will show you the right answer along with a detailed explanation to help you memorize it the first time and never miss the same question again!

We believe that repetition is the key and would like you go take this online Illinois drivers license practice test 2019 at least a few times or until you can achieve a score of 90% or higher.  This means answering at least 18 questions correctly.  We know that the passing score for the real drivers permit test is a somewhat lower, but you have to remember that once at the office, you will be in a completely different environment: you'll be stressed, there will be other people distracting you, some of the permit test questions will be different - that's why we want you to have a safety cushion and learn as many questions as possible before you go ahead and visit the DMV!

That's it, we wish you the best at the real drivers permit test and hope that you found this Illinois drivers permit practice test useful!  Let us know!