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Welcome to the second installment of our Idaho practice drivers test collection.  A fresh practice quiz with twenty new questions on road signs and road rules to take your driving chops to the next level!  If you have not completed the first practice test yet, make sure you do so before you begin working on this free Idaho driving practice test 2020, all sample exams are arranged in the order of rising difficulty and you should follow that order if you want to get the most out of the exams!  Everyone else - welcome and good luck!

Our free Idaho practice driving test consists of 20 multiple choice questions.  Every sample question has four possible answers, only one of them being correct.  Don't stress if you don't answer all questions correctly the first time, you are here to learn and you will do better next time!  Whenever you make a mistake, we let you know about it right there and then, you don't have to finish the whole practice exam to find out what questions you have missed.  Whenever you make a mistake - bam! We will stop you, let you know that the answer you have chosen is incorrect, show you the right one and provide a detailed explanation for the driving rule in question.  These explanations are based on the official Idaho drivers test study guide, the same book the DMV uses to draw all driving test questions.  While we urge absolutely everyone to read the drivers test guide before you begin working on practice tests, these integrated explanations can save you a lot of time on searching for the right rule.  Don't skimp on them!

This free practice driving test for Idaho is not a topical exam, it does not concentrate on any specific area of driving rules or traffic laws.  Just like the real Idaho driving test, the exam cover a broad scope of subjects, you are bound to see questions on seat belt laws, driving maneuvers, traffic signals, sharing the road with blind pedestrians, driving restrictions for minors, driving on the highway, driving at night and countless sample questions on road signs with images!  Loads of great, amazing images!  After all, an image speaks a thousand words, isn't that true? Don't worry if you find that the driving practice test does not cover all of the topics out there - it's really impossible to fit everything you need to know for your drivers license test into just twenty questions.  That's why we have prepared more sample quizzes for you!  As soon as you can answer 18 of these questions correctly without using any study aids, move on the to next online driving practice test and learn even more rules and signs!

Now that we've mentioned study aids, let us tell you about a few extra features we have prepared for you.  We don't believe there is much learning value in choosing a random option whenever you can't answer a question, and that is exactly what you had to do with other Idaho driving practice tests out there.  No more!  Whenever you encounter a question you can't answer, simply use the self-help section of this drivers practice test.  The self-help section has two study aids to help you answer any troublesome question: hints and 50/50.  Hints are quite simple, honestly.  They are small snippets of additional information that will point your feet in the right direction and help you decipher the answer.  They are subtle, grant you, but that's what they are meant to be like, we want you to spend time considering the question.  Just imagine the pleasure of working out the right answer!   The 50/50 button is quite the opposite, it's a mass-destruction weapon of this free Idaho state practice driving test.  Clicking on the 50/50 button immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with just two options to choose from, and you know that one of them MUST be correct.   Finally, we have another self-help tool for you - the official Idaho driving test study guide 2020!  You can read the book online on our website or download it to your cell phone, whatever works for you!  Use either of these driving test study aids or all of them whenever you need assistance with these sample DMV questions!

There is one thing you need to understand - passing the Idaho driving test should be neither hard, nor boring, and you already have all the tools you need to nail the permit test the first time.  Enjoy this free Idaho practice driving test 2020 and good luck at the DMV!