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Slaughtered that first practice permit test?  Great job!  Don't stop now, keep practicing, we have prepared hundreds of 2018 Hawaii drivers permit test questions and answers just for you! Let us welcome you to the second drivers practice test, with twenty new questions on road rules and road signs!  Based on the official drivers test study guide, tailored to the 2018 DMV permit test, fresh from the over - a new free Hawaii drivers license practice test 2018! Go ahead and try to score on it right now, it only takes five minutes to complete!

This online Hawaii drivers permit practice test contain 20 questions that cover a great range of driving rules and and road signs.  Driving at night, driving on the highway, using emergency signals, sharing the road with large trucks, teenage driver restrictions, the effects of alcohol on your driving ability, traffic signals, pavement markings and countless sample questions on road signs with images - the drivers practice test is aligned with the real DMV exam and covers the same topics.  Absolutely all sample permit test questions are multiple choice, you are required to pick the right answer among four provided options.  Only one of the answers is correct, even though it may seem otherwise at times, always go for the option that provides the most complete and thorough answer to the question.  Like all other practice quizzes on the website, this Hawaii drivers license practice test grades you on the go, you don't have to finish the whole exam to find out what questions you have missed. Whenever you make a mistake (we hope that this will not happen too ofter), the drivers practice test will alert you to the fact that you chose an incorrect answer, it will highlight the correct answer for you and it will provide a detailed explanation for the question.  Don't skimp on reading these explanations, they are based on the official Hawaii drivers test study guide and can save you an enormous amount of time.   Once done with the whole quiz, make sure to review all of the questions you have missed once more so you will not make the same mistake twice. 

There is really no minimum amount of time you need to invest into this free drivers permit practice test for Hawaii, everything depends on your current skill level.  We recommend that you keep on working on the practice permit test until you can answer no less than 18 sample questions correctly each and every time.  We know this score is a little higher than the one you are required to obtain to pass the real DMV permit test, but there is really no such thing as being "over-prepared" when it comes to the drivers license exam.  Spending an extra 5 minutes on taking this online Hawaii drivers practice test now can save you hours of time on repeat visits to the DMV later!  Needless to say, the 90% grade on the practice test should be achieved without having to call upon study aids integrated onto the quiz.

For those who have not used these study aids while working on the previous learners permit practice test, let us tell you what this is all about.  Study aids, or "DMV cheats", as we call them, were designed to help you with sample permit test questions you may not know the answer to.   Previously, your only option was to just pick a random answer and hope for the best.  Does this teach you much?  Not really.  That's why we decided to go another way and help you make educated guesses instead of random choices.  Most of the practice quizzes on the website, this Hawaii driver's license practice test 2018 included, will have a self help section that contains two buttons - HINT and 50/50.  The 50/50 button is really a weapon of mass destruction, as it removes two incorrect answers from the screen, significantly simplifying the choice you have to make.  You should keep this option in reserve for those particularly hard cases.  Hints work in a much more subtle way, providing you with more details about the question and guiding you towards the right answer without giving it away.  Whenever you are stuck on one of the Hawaii drivers permit test questions, always use hints first and follow up with the 50/50 option is the hint didn't help you find the right answer. 

Keep practicing and remember, this is not the only free Hawaii drivers permit practice test we have prepared for you, we have got hundreds of sample questions for the 2018 Hawaii drivers license test!