Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Let us welcome you to your final challenge - the 2019 Georgia DDS learners permit test simulator!  A reverse-engineered practice permit test that contains hundreds of DDS test questions to give you a head-start on the learner's permit exam!  If you have not completed other permit practice tests on the site yet - go ahead and do so now and return to the DDS simulator once you can score 90% or higher on each one of those sample quizzes!  Been there, done that?  Now is the time to put yourself through the test - a forty-question GA permit test simulator!

This free Georgia permit test simulator is very similar to the DDS cheat sheet you might have gone through previously, with one minor, but crucial detail.  While the GA DDS test cheat sheet allows you to cheat throughout the exam (in fact, it even encourages cheating!), this practice permit test simulator will have none of that.  It will not give you any hints, it will not making your life easier by providing you with two instead of four possible answers.  This is as close to the real permit test as it gets - the clerks won't help you with the exam at the office, why would we do otherwise?  And hey, no peeking in that driver's handbook!  Seriously, put the book away!  If you feel the need to search the book while taking the practice test, it means it's a little too early for the permit simulator and you should switch to one of the other Georgia permit practice tests on the website.  There's no shame in that and you can always come back to the Simulator once you feel a little more confident.  

For those who are not afraid to get their hands a little dirty: ready, steady, GO!  Just like the real permit test, this GA DDS practice permit test simulator has forty multiple choice questions and you need to answer no less than thirty of them to pass (we recommend that you don't stop working on the permit practice test until you answer at least 35 questions correctly every time). Questions will change every time you take the exam, they are chosen randomly from a large knowledge base, so don't stop working on the quiz if you do well the first time.  Like all other permit practice tests for GA at ePermitTest.com, the test is graded on the go, you don't have to finish the whole exam to find out the answers, you will see which answer is correct as soon as you click on one of the provided options.  You may want to write those answers down and learn them so you won't make the same mistake twice. 

While this Georgia learner's permit practice test simulator is not timed, you should keep in mind that the DDS usually gives you around 30 minutes to answer all permit test questions.  If you know the rules, this is plenty of time, if you don't know them, all the time in the world won't help you.  If you see that it takes you significantly more time to go through the simulator, keep practicing until you are happy with your timings.

All questions in the quiz are up to date, they are based on the 2019 Georgia drivers manual, the same book the real permit test is based on.  However, if you believe that you found an error, don't hesitate to report it immediately, we will research the question and provide you with a correct answer asap.

As one great artist wrote a while ago: "a little less conversation, a little more action, please".  Get down to hammering the questions on this free Georgia practice permit test simulator 2019 and we will see you once you have your GA learners permit!  Good luck!