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If it's road signs you want, it's road signs you'll get!  Our free Florida DMV practice test is loaded with multiple choice questions about traffic signs that appear on your real DHSMV exam.  Road signs is a huge part of the real Florida permit test, at least 25 DMV questions on the exam cover road signs and we treat the subject very seriously!  We have over 100 Florida permit test questions dedicated to road signs and you can work on all of them with the help of this awesome DMV practice test!  Don't get fooled by the fact that you only get 20 questions at a time, these questions will change every time you restart the test.  Just like with the real DMV permit test, all questions are multiple choice and have 4 possible answers, with only one of them being correct.  You will immediately know whether you have answered a question correctly and we will always show you the right answer whenever you make a mistake. By the way, don't bother with writing down these DMV questions and answers as you go through the test - once you're done with the entire exam, you will get a chance to review your answers once again and will see a detailed explanation for every question you happen to miss.

Our Florida road sign practice test is good throughout the whole Sunshine state, since the real test is exactly the same in Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa.  It is structured in the same way as the real exam and you need to answer at least 15 questions to pass.  Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time, you can keep retaking the exam until you nail every single one of these questions! It's easy and it does not cost anything, our FL road signs quiz is free! Once you are done with our sample exam, you will be able to identify all road signs by shape, color and you will know exactly what to do when you see that yield sign again!

Want even more permit test answers?  Check out the Florida DMV cheat sheet we have prepared for you!  Structured just like the real DMV permit test, the cheat sheet has a number of integrated study aids that will help you learn faster without any stress!  Give it a go and let us know what you think about it!

Enjoy this free Florida DMV practice test on road signs and good luck at the DHSMV!