Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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There are two ways a person can pass the learners permit test.  The first one is to study for the exam.  The second one...  Well, there is no second way, to be honest.  The only 100%, fault-free, guaranteed way to pass the online permit test in Florida is to invest a little time into studying road rules and road signs. Yes, road signs are an important part of the exam and no, you don't know them well enough to simply skip straight to the rules.  A widespread belief that permit test questions on signs are easy and "common-sense" is nothing but a widespread misconception.  You are not going to believe how many people have visited a local DMV office, taken the knowledge test and had to go home empty-handed just because they underestimated the sign.  Don't make the same mistake, prepare for the exam the right way and nail it the first time!

The good news for teen applicants is that today, you don't actually have to go to the DMV to take the permit test, you can do it online!  The bad news - you have to pay for the online permit exam and you have to pay extra every time you take it (this is different from taking the Florida permit test at the DMV office, where you receive three chances to pass the exam for one application fee). This Florida permit practice test on road signs is fashioned after the online exam, the one you would take through a third-party provider.  It features 25 multiple choice questions and these questions will change every time you take the quiz! That's right, this is not like a regular practice test, it does not have a fixed set of questions it keeps presenting you with over and over again!  This road signs practice test is connected to our extensive knowledge base of Florida road signs and every time you begin the exam, the system selects 25 questions from the knowledge base to build a unique practice test just for you!  And why have we chosen for the quiz to have 25 questions?  Because this is the number of questions on road signs you will see on the real exam and we want to keep it as close to the original as possible!  Get used to the format right from the start!

How do you get the most out of this free Florida permit practice test?  How do you know whether it is time for you to stop or if you are ready for the real test?  Should you try a simpler DMV practice test first?  The answer to all of these questions lies in the grades you receive for the exam, the grades that you see once you answer all 25 permit test questions!  Those who consistently score 90% or higher - kudos, you're doing an awesome job and we believe you won't have any troubles passing the real permit test!  80%-90% - not bad, but there is still some work to be done, keep on working on the practice test and you will get there in no time!  Can't score 80%?  Not to worry!  Simply switch to using a regular permit practice test on Florida road signs and build up from that point!  Once you've learned all answers to the regular permit practice test, come back to this road sign quiz and watch your grades sky-rocket!

Overachievers and those aiming to score 100% on the actual DMV permit test should look towards the official 2019 Florida drivers handbook.  It has a comprehensive road sign study sheet you can even print out and post it on the wall in your bedroom, or somewhere you can see it often!  Keeping it by your side this way creates a constant visual reminder that helps you learn these signs extremely fast!

Good luck at the DMV office and don't forget to share this free Florida permit practice test (FL) on 2019 road signs with friends who are taking the exam soon!