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We hope you've been hammering away at our sample permit test questions like crazy and have arrived to this free Colorado permit test simulator well-armed, with a solid background of driving rules and road signs.  If you are just starting on practice quizzes and have not taken any other sample tests - now is the time to do so!  Start from the first drivers permit practice test and work your way through every quiz!  Everyone else - welcome to this online Colorado practice permit test simulator 2020!

Those who already invested an hour or two into preparing for the DMV exam with the help of our practice permit tests probably have a fair idea of how the practice quiz works, but let us give everyone else a quick rundown of the exam.  This free Colorado permit practice test is built just like the real exam, with 25 multiple choice questions that are selected randomly from a huge knowledge base every time you begin the quiz.  Every question has four possible answers, only one of those answers being correct.  If you believe that more than one answer fits, choose the one you like best, the system simply won't let you use more than one answer for any sample question.  The test is interactive, it is graded immediately and you don't have to find out where you went wrong - whenever you miss a written test question, our permit practice test will show you the right answer.  Don't worry about writing these answers down at this point, you will have a chance to review all questions you'll miss at the page with your score.  Keep in mind that this practice permit test for Colorado won't allow you to repeat the same exam twice, random questions every time means you end up with a completely new and unique practice quiz every time the page is refreshed.  Beware of hitting the "back" button in the middle of the exam.

What is covered by this practice test, are these the real Colorado permit test questions?  Some of the sample questions came straight from the exam, they were submitted to us by other users just like yourself, others have been developed specifically for this practice quiz.  All questions are based on the official 2020 Colorado drivers handbook, the same book the real test is based upon, so you really can't go wrong here.  Traffic offenses, parking rules, fines and penalties, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, vehicle maintenance and sharing the road with others - if it's covered by the real Colorado DMV permit test, it is covered by this practice permit test too.  By the way, if you got this far without reading the handbook - kudos, you're a smart man.  Or a smart woman.  Nevertheless, go ahead and read the manual anyway, you won't find a better overview of the state traffic law!

What about the study aids you might have gotten used to while working on other permit practice tests on the site?  Sorry, no study aids, no cheats of any kind.  This is the permit test simulator, just like the real thing, remember?  There won't be any cheating during the real Colorado permit test and we want you to get used to that feeling right now!  If you just need a Colorado permit practice test that follows the same format, but still provides access to those study aids, go ahead and switch to using the online DMV cheat sheet!

We hope you understand that passing the real learners permit test is extremely easy!  It just takes a little time, a drivers handbook and our free Colorado practice permit test simulator 2020!  Good luck at the DMV and let us know how the real test went!