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Why should you even bother with this AZ permit practice test and not skimp on traffic signs just like everyone else? The reason why so many students ignore the signs and invest all of their time into learning the rules for the Arizona permit test is extremely simple - we are so used to seeing traffic signs every day of our lives that we grow comfortable in the belief that we know everything there is to know about them and we don't need any more coaching.  Sadly, this could not be further from the truth - most of us know the basics, but as soon as we take a step away from them, we are in deep water all on our own.  The DMV makes a big deal about road signs (and for a good reason too) and you will be required to demonstrate some advanced skills during your AZ permit test.  Identifying road signs by shape and color are good examples of these skills, when you are presented with a shape of a sign and you are required to tell what group this sign belongs to and what it is likely to stand for.  This may seem like a silly skill right now, but trust us, it may mean the difference between life and death when you are driving in low-visibility conditions, such as heavy snow, rain or fog (of course, you can try to avoid driving when it's snowing, but you still need to know what to do if the situation does come up). If this does not convince you, we'll repeat the previous argument once more - you will have to demonstrate these skills on your Arizona DMV permit test!

This Arizona road signs permit practice test was designed to help you get started on traffic signs for the drivers permit test and teaches you your first 20 essential signs.  All questions are multiple choice, with four answers provided in each instance.  The system won't allow you to choose more than a single answer for any question, as only one of them is correct.  You will know whether you have answered the question correctly immediately after indicating your choice and don't worry if you make a mistake or two at first, the Arizona practice permit test will always show you the right answer no matter what.  Wait, it gets even better!  This free road signs practice test will display a detailed description for every road sign question you happen to miss so you don't have to keep referring to the permit study guide each and every time (we recommend that you read the Arizona permit book BEFORE you start the exam).  The practice permit test features a number of study aids you could use for some of the harder questions, but do make sure that you go over the exam at least once without using them, to see if you've learned everything there is to learn from the test.

Looking for printable road signs study sheets? Check out the drivers manual, pages 34-36.  You can print these pages and post it on your wall, they list some of the most common signs and provide short descriptions for some of them.  While we do admit that this list is somewhat condensed, it lists every sign you will need to learn for your drivers permit test.  If you want more detailed study sheets and are prepared to pay for them, you can usually purchase some decent materials from commercial driving schools.

Enjoy the quiz and remember that this free Arizona road signs permit practice test (AZ) 2019 is not the only sample exam on signs that we have, go ahead and try other practice tests too!