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If we were to choose the most ignored, overlooked and neglected topic on the Alabama learners permit test, road signs would take the first spot and the runner-up would be so far behind, you would not even be able to see it (don't worry, though, as this Alabama practice permit test will help you deal with that)!  Despite the fact that traffic signs comprise a substantial part of the written test, first time applicants often choose to spend all of the study time available to them to work on traffic rules.  While questions on traffic penalties and parking restrictions may seem like a much harder subject at this point, one thing you have to realize is that proportionally, traffic signs is the MOST covered subject on the exam.  We are not saying that you should leave out any topic out of your practice sessions, but not studying traffic penalties will result in missing no more than one or two questions on the test, while not covering road signs can cost you up to a third of all questions on the DMV exam.  Find the time and study the signs with the help of this free Alabama road signs practice test, no matter how basic these questions may seem at first!

Structured similarly to other regular learners permit pretests on the website, this online Alabama permit practice test on road signs features 20 multiple choice questions, with four choices provided for every question.    While most of the questions will ask you to identify a traffic sign based on the image displayed, this is not the only type of questions you'll see, as the permit test covers a number of other skills associated with traffic signs.  Recognizing road signs by their shape is a great example of such skill, when you have to determine the group of traffic signs a particular specimen belongs to based on its textual description.  The shape of a sign can tell you whether you are looking at a warning, regulatory or guide sign, some of the shapes are completely unique so you will never confuse it with anything else, no matter how poor the visibility is at the time.  The DMV considers this skill to be of topmost importance and every Alabama permit test paper includes at least one question that covers it.

We believe in the power of immediate feedback and this free Alabama practice permit test utilizes this idea to the max!  The exam is graded as you go through the test and you are aware of your current progress at any moment, you don't have to finish the entire pretest just to find out what questions you've missed.  Whenever you misstep, the practice permit test will alert to this error the instant it happens - your answer is marked in red and the system shows you the right answer so you can learn right there and then!  The Alabama DMV practice permit test will also boast a detailed description of the traffic sign covered by that question, so you don't have to search the drivers manual for this information!  A huge time saver, when you think about it!

Speaking of saving time - do not let the excuse of not having enough time to study stop you from taking this Alabama permit practice test!  We have made sure that you can fit this driving practice test into your schedule, no matter how busy it is!  Completing the exam takes just under five minutes and you don't even have to spend these five minutes in front of the computer, simply log into the DMV practice test from your iPhone while you're riding to school or when you're eating lunch with friends.  Five minutes may not seem like much time, but these small study sessions will stack up over time.  We recommend that you start taking the Alabama practice permit test at least two weeks before your DMV appointment, to ensure that you've got plenty of time to prepare and won't have to spend the night before the exam frantically trying to memorize the entire Alabama Vehicle Code.  Consider downloading the official Alabama driver's handbook, it's not called the permit test study guide for no reason!  The book contains a bunch of printable road signs study sheets you could use as visual guides while working on the DMV practice test!  Just download the pdf file with the book to your computer, print all corresponding pages and post these study sheets on your wall so they are right in front of you at all times!

Good luck at the DMV and remember, this free Alabama road signs practice permit test (AL) 2019 is not the only pretest on traffic signs we have prepared for you, check out other awesome exams we've got in store!