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You are finally here!  You have bested every regular Alabama drivers permit practice test on the website and there is just one thing standing between you and the learners permit - this free Alabama practice permit test simulator 2020! Now, if you have not completed those regular quizzes, now would be a great time to do so.  Just start with the first practice exam and keep working your way up to the permit test simulator, it is a priceless learning experience you simply cannot afford to miss! Everyone else - welcome to the ultimate Alabama permit practice test!

For those who have already spent some time working on various practice quizzes on the website, the permit test simulator is no mystery, but let's give everyone else a quick run down of the exam.  The practice permit test simulator consists of multiple choice permit test questions, every question having four possible answers, and only one of those answers are being correct.  Just like the real permit test in Alabama, the simulator presents you with 30 questions, but this does not mean that 30 questions is all you get! There 30 permit test questions are selected randomly from a huge knowledge base that contains over 500 questions to date and we keep adding new ones every month.  This provides you with an immense knowledge well you can draw upon, simply refresh the page and there you have it, a completely unique fresh practice permit test for Alabama every time!  Make the most of it!

Many students want to know what questions they will get during the real Alabama driving permit test, what topics are covered, are there any specific things they should concentrate upon?  We always recommend that you spent more time preparing for questions that are not common sense, questions that require you to remember statistical information and specific traffic laws, such as blood alcohol contents (BAC), speed limits, seat belt laws, etc.  The learners permit test will have a bunch of other questions too, but there are the areas many applicants fail, be sure to review them thoroughly.  Our online Alabama practice permit test simulator has multiple questions to help you nail these topics.

If you are looking for study aids you might have gotten used to while taking other sample practice quizzes on the website, stop!  They are not here, for a very simple reason.  There won't be any study aids at your local DMV office, the real learner's permit test is not an open-book exam, and we want you to start getting used to this idea.  The practice permit test simulator was designed to emulate the real permit test and it will not allow you to cheat!  Sure, we don't have a DMV clerks standing over your shoulder while you working on the exam, but we made sure that every other point is covered!   If you want a free permit practice test that follows the same format, yet still allows you access to study aids, switch to working on the online DMV cheat sheet!

Passing the permit test is easy, all it takes is a little time and the right tools!  We have prepared all the tools you need to pass the drivers permit test on your first visit, all you need now is to invest couple of hours into using them!  Enjoy our free Alabama practice permit test simulator 2020 and good luck at the DMV!