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Road signs have always been a large part of the permit test in every state and Tennessee is no exception to this rule.  While there are literally hundreds of different road signs out there, you don't need to learn all of them to be able to pass the permit test the first time you take it!  We figured you don't want to waste any time and have already done the hard work for you, we picked all road signs that appear on the permit test and included them into this 2017 Tennessee road signs practice test!  Now you just need to take the practice test and be awesome at the DMV!

While you see only 20 multiple choice questions every time you take the road signs quiz, it does not mean this is all there is!  The question pool is much larger and you will be shown different questions every time you take the test! Most questions have awesome pictures of road signs, how else could you study them?  Identifying road signs by color, identifying them by share, learning the difference between warning signs and regulatory signs - our free Tennessee road signs quiz teaches you all these things!

Strong believers in studying "the right stuff", we made sure our TN road signs quiz is state-specific.  All questions are based on the official drivers manual, all questions are valid for the Volunteer state from Memphis to Nashville!

Still not convinced?  Here is one final argument: unlike the DMV, we don't charge you anything for our sample exams!  All practice tests we have are free, including this Tennessee road signs permit practice test so there is nothing standing between you and your learners permit!