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Regulatory signs, warning signs, work zone signs and guide signs.  Identifying road signs by shape and color.  Recognizing road hazards and reacting appropriately.  This is what you are tested on your OH temps test and this is what our 2016 Ohio road signs quiz will teach you.  A topical practice permit test for people who find reading the handbook too dull, but still want to make sure they are fully prepared when it's time to visit the BMV.  Supplemented with images to provide you with the best learning experience.  Developed to boost your confidence and chances to pass the exam!

Designed to be taken quickly by those in a rush, this free OH road signs practice test has only 20 multiple choice questions and can be taken in the matter of minutes.  Should you have more time, take the test again - it will present you with new questions, as if this was a completely new test!  Keep taking it until you you can answer virtually every one of those questions and we guarantee that road signs questions on the temps test won't pose any problems for you!

Absolutely all questions on this OH road signs quiz are state specific and were verified against the official drivers manual.  It does not matter what city you are taking the temps test in, be that Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland or Toledo - the test is the same across all of the Buckeye State and our sample road signs practice test fits in perfectly!

One thing we already mentioned but want to stress this point again.  This Ohio road signs practice test is completely free, just like any other sample exam on our site!  We have spent countless hours developing these exams and we give it to you freely!  The only thing we ask in return is that you help others study for the temps test and share the exam through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network!  Good luck!