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The most anticipated practice test yet... We present you with the 2017 North Carolina road signs quiz! Brimming, absolutely loaded with tonnes of great pictures of road signs, this quiz is what really matters when it comes to answering road sign questions during your North Carolina permit test! We went ahead and selected all road signs that will be on your real exam and have put them together in this pretty quiz that can be taken in the matter of minutes!  Seriously, five minutes is all it takes to complete the test!  Spend five minutes on taking the practice test now or hours in DMV queues!

Like all other sample exams on our website, this NC road sign practice test is completely free and state-specific (yes, the test is good for Charlotte, yes, it is good for Greensboro, it is good all across the Old North State).  All questions have been checked against the official drivers manual and were found to be... amazing! Yes, simply amazing, and you get them all for free!  The practice quiz includes all road signs worth remembering: stop, yield, divided highway, merging traffic from the right, advanced intersection, lane use control signs... We're sure you know the gist.  All you need to do now is take the quiz, then visit the DMV and pick up your permit!