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When kids are preparing for the permit test, traffic lights are usually the least of their concern.  Who doesn't know traffic lights, they are easy! Green means go, red means stop, and if it's yellow - you can just wing it on the go.  In reality, traffic signals are a bit more complex and you are bound to encounter tricky questions about them when you show up at the DMV to take your learner's permit test. That is where this New York traffic signals quiz steps in and takes control!  We spent countless hours researching New York road signs so you can take all the credit!

This NYS traffic signals practice test was designed to teach you every traffic signal question that may come up on the exam.  Some questions may be worded a little different from the real test, some are identical.  It's not about the wording anyway, it's about you learning each and every one of those signals!

The quiz has twenty multiple choice questions and you need to answer at least fourteen of those questions correctly, just like at the NY DMV!  All questions are based on the official driver's handbook and they are good for the whole Empire State!  You will see correct answers to sample questions right away and your overall results are shown at the end of the exam, so you can share them with friends and family (or just save them for future reference to see how fast you improve)!