Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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While this New Mexico practice permit test may look like a regular sample exam, these looks are deceiving and there is so much more to the test than you see at first glance.  This practice permit test was built as a self-evaluation tool and it is geared towards allowing you to estimate your current skill and helping you identify any road signs you may have missed while working on your drivers test study guide and other practice tests.  The practice test is also much more comprehensive than your regular exam - just think about the fact that this test contains well over 100 NM permit test questions that cover road signs!  This may not be apparent at first, since the system only shows you 20 questions when you sign in, but these questions will change every time you take the test!  Unlike a regular 2018 practice permit test for New Mexico that has to make do with a predefined set of questions, this sample quiz is hooked up to a knowledge base of 100+ questions and it makes pretty good use of this connection!  Whenever you start your practice test, the system chooses 20 new random questions and builds a unique custom practice test for you right on the spot!  This helps to avoid any bias and provides you with an accurate evaluation of your current ability, so you can always go back and cover the signs you may have missed before!

A student with a keen eye may have already noticed that this New Mexico road signs drivers practice test is missing any study aids.  This is true, all study aids have been removed from the exam so you would not be tempted to use them and cheat yourself into believing that you're doing better than you really are!  Remember that this road signs practice test was designed to help you gauge your current skill!  If you are after a more relaxed practice test that will hold your hand throughout the entire experience, please switch to using regular practice quizzes.  And by the way, we don't believe we need to mention this, but you should put away the drivers manual and cover up any road sign study sheets you may have posted on the wall if you want to get accurate results on this quiz!

Correctly interpreting the grades you will receive for the test is another matter.  Those who have already spent some time browsing through the website and working on other free practice permit tests may know that for most of the quizzes, we recommend that you continue working on them until you are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly (for a 20-question quiz,this amounts to 18 correct answers). This method works great for driving rules and has been proven highly effective by thousands of students who have passed the learners permit test the first time they have visited their local MVD office.  However, we believe that you should change the approach while working on road sign practice tests and not quit until you can answer all questions correctly.  There are two reasons for this.  Number one - road signs are extremely important and will contribute quite a few points towards your final grade on the real NM drivers permit test.  Number two - traffic signs are easy to learn, so they are really offer the best "time spent vs. value" deal you can find. 

Good luck working on this free New Mexico road signs practice permit test (NM) 2018 and remember - we are here to hold your hand! If you have a question or simply need help with your drivers permit test - use the comment box on this page to reach us and we'll come to the rescue!