Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We know how hard it may be sometimes to marshal enough motivation and start studying for the DMV written test - we've been in that position ourselves!  However, you must realize that studying is the only way to pass the knowledge test, don't entertain the thought that you can simply wing the exam even for a moment!  According to official MVD statistics, over 50% of all students who visit the MVD fail the drivers permit test the first time they take it, and this includes those who did take time to study!  We can only imagine the failure rates among those who go into the office without taking a single NM MVD practice test, but we highly doubt that even one in ten of these students are able to pass the test successfully.  With this in mind - drop whatever excuses you may have been using to justify not studying for the written knowledge test and start working on this practice test today!

We don't believe you need much tutoring on using the New Mexico MVD practice test "the right way", but we can certainly help you get the most out of the exam while spending as little of your valuable time in front of the computer as possible.  This practice test features 20 multiple choice questions, but it does not mean that you have to be able to answer all of them correctly before you move on to the next exam.  In  fact, we recommend that you continue working on this New Mexico MVD permit practice test until you can answer 18 questions correctly and then move on to the next exam.  Eighteen correct answers on the practice test amounts to a grade of 90%, a grade that is more than sufficient for passing the real exam.  Trying to nail absolutely each and every question on the test and get the perfect score on the exam will require significantly more time, the time you may not be able to afford.  However, if you are the overachieving type - go for it and good luck!

Here is another time-saver for you: make sure you read all of the explanations the system provides for the questions you answer incorrectly.  This free New Mexico MVD practice test was built around the idea of immediate feedback, a more efficient way to learn.  Skimping on those explanation will effectively negate the power of this feedback and so you will have to repeat the DMV practice test more times in order to learn the same amount of materials.  Skipping these explanations while working on the MVD permit practice test may seem like a time-saving idea, but it really isn't, don't do it if you want to prepare for the MVD exam in as little time as possible!

Finally, the dreaded MVD practice book (you may also know this book by the name of the New Mexico drivers handbook or drivers manual), the book everyone wants to avoid reading at all cost.  A big mistake.  We do admit that the manual can't compete for the title of the national best-seller and it won't win the 2018 Pulitzer Prize, but when it comes to various New Mexico permit test study guides, the drivers handbook has no rivals!  The fact that the entire MVD permit test is based on the information from the book and nothing else speaks for itself - you won't find a better resource for permit test driving rules and road signs!  The book is free too, just like the New Mexico MVD practice permit test you are working on, so why in the world would you choose to ignore it?  Don't waste this opportunity, read the manual before you start working on the practice test!  Enjoy the exam and good luck at the MVD!