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There is no way you are going to take the real test until you try this free 2016 Georgia traffic signals quiz!  Learning traffic signals has never been easier than now, with a state-specific practice quiz that uses the same grading system the DDS does!  Good for those who have completed drivers education and those who did not!  Works for all ages!

This GA traffic signals practice test contains 20 multiple choice questions that cover all traffic signals you can encounter on your DDS exam.  Steady red, flashing yellow, green and red arrows - we have all these signals in the quiz, learning them takes just a few minutes!   All sample questions are selected from a large knowledge base every time you take the exam, so make sure you take it more than once, questions will change every time!  The exam uses the same grading system used by the state and you have to answer at least 15 questions correctly if you want to pass! 

While all hints are disabled to recreate the real permit test experience, our traffic signals quiz for Georgia gives you immediate feedback whenever you answer a question!  A correct answer is shown right away so you know where you went wrong and how to correct it! 

Keep practicing and good luck at the DDS!