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Traffic signs, kind of an important one.  That is, if you really want to pass the permit test the first time you take it!  The drivers permit test in Georgia contains twenty questions that concentrate specifically on traffic signs!  This is where our great free 2016 Georgia road signs quiz comes in!  Designed to allow students to learn all road signs that appear on the permit test it includes just that, all road signs that appear on the test (duh!).  And since we have already done all the hard work, you can just swoop in and take all credit for yourself!

All questions in our GA road signs practice test are multiple choice and they always give you immediate feedback, you are always shown if your answer is correct and if it is not, what the right answer is.  You won't receive any assistance from us during the test, we are trying to see what the real exam is like, remember? (We have other exams with hints, make sure to check them out if that's what you are looking for).  The test covers a great scope of materials: you are required to identify road signs by shape and color, know the difference between warning signs and regulatory signs, be able to tell a stop sign from a yield sign.   Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time, we are here to help you!  Just keep taking the practice test over and over again and you will see your score improve!  Remember, the quiz is free and it gives you different questions every time!

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