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Don't you just hate those road signs practice tests that don't even have any pictures in them?  Text, text, nothing but text.  Well, you won't have this issue with our 2017 Arizona road signs practice test! Almost every question is augmented with great images of road signs!  We invested countless hours in developing these questions and making images for them so you can have the cream! A sample exam with twenty multiple choice questions on road signs that will be on your permit test at the DMV!  

Our sample exam has been designed to cover absolutely each and every traffic sign that may come up during your knowledge exam.  This does not mean we went ahead and crammed all Arizona road signs into this test, that would have been a complete waste of time as there are hundreds of signs to learn and most of them are not even on the test.  We concentrated on what's really important: identifying road signs by color, recognizing the shapes, learning the difference between warning, regulatory and guide signs, memorizing those road signs that will definitely be on the test (stop, yield, divided highway, wrong way and a few others).  Our AZ road signs quiz is straight to the point!  

All questions on the test are multiple choice, the grading system has been copied from the one utilized by the DMV.  This means we expect you at least 16 questions correctly before we pass you, but you should definitely aim higher.  With the test being completely free, there is nothing that stops you from taking it as many times as you need to get a perfect score!  And yes, you have not misread - this is a 100% free Arizona road signs practice test with unlimited number of attempts!  Questions are selected randomly every time from a large database, so it's like taking a new test every time! 

Give it a shot now, take this AZ practice road signs quiz and share your results through social networks, challenge your friends to beat you!